Catch Up: Part 3

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Since Peter is still in college I still got to go to his fraternity's homecoming dance- this was pretty much the only time I saw Peter this weekend, he knew how important it was for me to spend as much time as possible with my friends. However the function was surprisingly really fun! Four of the guys in his fraternity (one of whom I lead Young Life music with) played in a band for part of the night! I had a blast dancing like crazy with Peter and my sister plus there were a ton of my sorority sisters there!
After the dance I threw a jean jacket on over my dress to make it more casual and headed downtown with Peter to meet up with my friends. Downtown was a little less crazy that night and I was a little more tired so I didn't stay out as late but it was still a blast and I came back and crashed.

Let me take this moment to explain how the sleeping arrangements worked this weekend.
Friend 1 slept with me.
Friend 2 slept in a sleeping bag on the floor in my room.
Friend 3 and 4 slept on the couch.
Friend 5 pulled out the trundle and slept on that.
Friend 6 slept on an air mattress in the hallway.

Sunday morning however, sucked. People slowly started trickling out. A few of them stayed a little longer though so we could go to our friend's bridal shower. I am so glad they organized this because it allowed me to sit down with some of the people I just bumped into downtown and actually catch up in a quieter setting. We also opened gifts and played a couple of cute little shower games. I gave her a recipe book and put one of my favorite recipes in each section- it's such a simple gift but I think it's personal and fun too!
The girls at the shower, for some reason I decided to stick my head in middle, or maybe it's just that I was too short to be in the back row. (Also you may not be able to tell but the girl in the front row on the far right has a toilet paper flower in her hair that's left over from the toilet paper bridal gown game. She was on my team and we were all about the accessories.)

When I left for the shower, my apartment had looked like this (except a little worse because I took this on Saturday morning):
When I got back from the shower my sweet friend had tidyed almost everything up before leaving. I was sad to see that she had left but it was easier not having to come back alone to an empty and messy apartment.

After a few more trips to the car and tearful hugs the first two girls to arrive were the last ones to leave.

Although I hated saying goodbye, last weekend totally reassured me of the strength of my friendships with these girls. It was like they had never left. We picked up right where we left off! I know that no matter how long we go without seeing each other it will always be like that. We are already making plans for huge family vacations all together. One of us is going to have a beach house, one a mountain house, one a lake house, maybe a ski lodge or a ranch out west, and maybe a castle in Scotland somewhere. We'll kindly push our husbands to all be friends as well and our kids will roll their eyes and be totally embarrassed when they see their mamas acting like they're still in college.


  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Friendship like that are like you said for life. Hope you have a fun Halloween weekend!

  2. You girlies are all too adorable!

  3. I really really like this!! It was SUCH a wonderful weekend!!


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