Tuesday Tunes: Nickel Creek Nap

Having trouble falling asleep at night? Exhausted from a long day?
I recommend taking a Nickel Creek Nap at your earliest possible convenience.

What's a Nickel Creek Nap you ask? Well its a special kind of nap where you slip into your sweats, snuggle up on the couch with a blanket or climb into bed early. What makes it a "Nickel Creek Nap" is that you push play on your computer/speakers/whatever you have that plays songs, and out comes soft, sweet, musical goodness called Nickel Creek.

The Nickel Creek trio is ideal nap music- not because it is so dull that it puts you to sleep but because its so awesome and chill that it relaxes you and totally calms you down. It is the best nap-trust me!

Here are some of my favorite Nickel Creek songs:
- Jealous of the Moon
- Out of the Woods
- The Lighthouse's Tale
- Why Should the Fire Die
- When in Rome
- Ode to a Butterfly
- Doubting Thomas:

"Sometimes I pray for a slap in the face,
Then I beg to be spared 'cause I'm a coward,
If there's a master of death I'll bet he's holding his breath,
As I show the blind and tell the deaf about his power,
I'm a doubting thomas,
I can't keep my promises,
'Cause i don't know what's safe,
oh me of little faith..."


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