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I'm sorry this post is all about shoes...

I have been looking and shopping around forever for a pair of nice leather boots. I have Uggs and I love my Uggs. They make my feet happy in the winter and I probably wear them too much. But I am looking for boots that can dress up a dress/skirt or a pair of skinny jeans. Boots that are a little less casual than Uggs and can be more work appropriate (that's not to say that I haven't worn my Uggs to work in the past). I have high expectations for these boots. I want a nice brand that I know is good quality and will last and so I'm willing to spend a little more on them to get just that right pair.

So my friend has this great pair of camel colored leather boots. They are beautiful and I love them. They are my standard for good boots. When she lived close by I used to borrow them because they actually fit me and my chicken legs. They went great with a cute dress at tailgates and football games in the fall. Now she lives far away which sucks (and not just because she took her boots with her).

It's time I had my own pair.

Now I briefly mentioned my chicken legs but I'm not sure you really understand. Usually what happens when I find a pair of boots that I like they are always way too big around my calves and when I walk they make a slapping/clapping noise as they hit my legs. My rain boots do this. It's quite loud. This is my biggest problem with finding boots. So my solution was to text my friend with the awesome boots and find out what brand they are.

Hers are Frye, which is a really nice brand with a price tag to prove it. And while I really want good boots I can't justify spending the equivalent of my rent on a pair of shoes. But I have another solution!

It's like Zappos.com but instead it's called Endless.com. Maybe you've heard of it, it's associated with Amazon, but I just discovered it today and basically it has all the shoes you could want at discounted prices, plus free shipping within just 2 days and free returns!

So here they are....

Actually I haven't got them yet. But I am going to.... because aren't they beautiful!?And the great part, the part that convinced me these were the boots I've been searching for, is the reviews. The reviews that said the boots' shaft was super narrow! Yippee. It even gave the circumference and I measured my leg to compare so we should be good.

Now should I get them in Saddle (above) or the Dark Brown (below)?
What's that one item you're looking for this fall?


  1. If I were buying for myself I'd go with the dark brown but you are fair and lovely so the saddle would be good on you. They're cute!

  2. Omg love the dark brown! I'm always looking for the right boot. I don't have your chicken legs more elephant like currently! Thanks for the tip! Have a great weekend.

  3. I would say if the boots are that great, get both colors. Then you're all set no matter what! : )


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