Hippie Urban Chic

Happy Wednesday Friends!
I have been in a hippie mood lately. I want to braid my hair and play my violin/guitar/learn how to play the mandolin. In fact, yesterday I took my guitars and my violin to be restrung and tuned. I play my guitar pretty often, but I haven't touched my violin since freshmen year of high school. I think its all the folksy Nickel Creek I've been listening to that has me motivated to relearn-I might even take a lesson.
Along those lines...I love online window shopping. I have a gigantic online "wish list" at Urban Outfitters which contributes to my hippie mood. Here are some lovelies I want for early fall (to wear with my new boots):


  1. Your old-hippie-but-not-quite-as-chic-as-all-that aunt approves!

  2. Cute stuff...except those funky beads around the eyes.
    See you soon!


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