Updated: Starbucks is Better Over There

Important Update: Good news everyone! I was quickly informed that I am mistaken about Starbucks in the US! I am excited to report that there are Starbucks on this side of the pond that serve more food options. Sadly it seems there are none by me. If you have them in your area I am oh so jealous and I am sorry if I offended your local Starbucks! Thank you bride4life for pointing that out. I will now make it my goal to bring it to my town.

Original Post...
This is not an attack on the USA. And despite what the title says this post is not meant to suggest that England is better than the States; they both have their positives and negatives. In many instances the US is ahead of England. Most movies are released in the US first, they don't have Pandora radio in England, the value of deodorant is not shared by all, and wonderful icy cold coca cola is served luke-warm in England.

However, there are some things that England has figured out that I'm quite surprised the US hasn't picked up on. Starbucks is one of them.

I love Starbucks! I got a $25 dollar gift card for my birthday and it made me so happy. I love iced vanilla lates and frappucinos. They have yummy coffee cakes and muffins and sweets. However... did you know that in England, you can also get delicious paninis and wraps and sandwiches and salads and sometimes even soup at Starbucks. My personal favorite:
What's up with that America? Why do you only serve sweet treats with sweet drinks? I want something savory. I want a real snack. Or I want to be able to go to Starbucks for a little light lunch or supper. This just absolutely baffles me. And it's not just England. In fact, every Starbucks outside of the US that I have been to has these other options. Didn't Starbucks start in the US? Let's step it up, please!

(Visit this website and click on the Fresh Food link to view all the delicious options that we're missing out on.)


  1. We do have food like that in the US at Starbucks. I have several in my city and I have been to other cities' Starbucks that has soup and sandwiches. I have also noticed several airport Starbucks in the US that has food at their Starbucks. So we do.

  2. True I love that in England and Starbucks in Spain just as good. Here in Germany Starbucks rocks but I miss the pumpkin spice lattes and seasonal stuff, like cupcakes...none here!


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