Running in Heels

Now I'm sure we've all found ourselves in situations that require us to hurry quickly in a pair of heels before, maybe we've even had to actually run. But here is something I've never seen before...
Yes, what you are seeing is real. A High Heel-a-Thon in New York. Kelly Ripa is the host of this event and a participant. It is a race in high heels. Contestants had to wear a minimum 3 inch heel. Now that is impressive.
Kelly Ripa says: "Marathon Schmarathon! Completing 26.2 miles in running shoes is nothing (*not sure I agree with her on that point)-- try spending a full day running errands, taking the kids to school and shopping, all in 4 inch heels," Ripa declared. "That's what I call a marathon! So our High Heel-a-thon is a way of showcasing a unique unsung talent for which most women are never recognized."Last year: The winner won $25,000 dollars. But more importantly the event was sponsored by Dr. Scholls and all the proceeds went to The March of Dimes charity. You can still register for the 2010 race which is in September. This year it's sponsored by Zappos and will benefit The Heart Truth campaign. Plus the winner gets a car! What a great cause and a fun girly way to show your strength and support.


  1. Ouch! I have a hard time walking across the room in high heels these days. That race is at the opposite end of the spectrum from my barefoot running!

  2. I hate to run, so this one is out for me. And in high heels, forget that one!!! I would break my neck. This summer I am living in my Jack Rogers! Hope your summer is going well. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. Wow I'm impressed...first of all I can't run...weak bladder you'll see some day!(sorry TMI) And in heels I can't even make it to the corner in heels! Great cause though!

  4. Just remember Frau said it, not me. But unfortunately its true : )

    However, I think I could give this a try. I just wouldn't look cute like Kelly Ripa.


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