Shoes That Love You

Check out this adorable brand of shoes that I'm currently in love with.
(pronounced: oak-uh- bee)
They are a brand of sandals with all kinds of different styles and colors. And they are so comfortable and reasonably priced! When I first saw them I was like "what's the big deal, they're just rubber flip flops," but they are so much more. Here are some of the ones I am craving.

(The following sandals' ribbons are interchangeable and there are so many options.)
(I think giraffe is a cute animal print that often gets over looked, don't you?)


  1. I have 2 pair of the sandals with bows that you can take out and change. They are really comfy!! I have not seen the new styles, but they are cute too. I bought mine at the beach on sale. I have had them for several years, but they never look worn. Love & blessings from NC!


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