Tuesday Tunes: More Time

Today is my last day of college classes.
I don't really know what to say.
I cannot believe that I am here.

Here is a song that makes me tear up every time I hear it nowadays. Basically I need more time. Not more class time, or homework time (because really I am soooo excited to be done with all that!) but time to just be at college. To be with my friends. To enjoy my time with them, to appreciate the times we've already had together.


"We're off to new lands, so hold on to my hand, it's gonna be alright.
It's a whole lot brighter just standing by the fire, it's gonna be alright.
Yeah the road gets harder but it's not much farther, its gonna be alright....
...Cause I need more time
Just a few more months and well be fine
So say whats on your mind
Cause I cant figure out just whats inside
So say alright
Cause I know we can make it if we try
Cause I need more time
Just a few more months and well be fine"


  1. Congratulations on arriving at this day...bittersweet as it is! Savor these days!

  2. I'm sure all of these changes that are about to take place are scary, and excited, new, and different. It's understandable that you need more time. Embrace the time you have. I'm proud of you and all that you have accomplished even though I only know you through your mom & blogging. God has you in His care and will guide you every step of the way.


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