Beach Weekend or Bust!

The best weekend of the academic school year is upon us- although it is not a school sponsored event. This weekend (which happens to start after classes today, if you didn't know, so go ahead and take Friday off with me) is BEACH WEEKEND! The weekend where ALL my friends head to the beach, stay in a cheap hotel, tan all day, and just hang out!

That's right folks. I will be heading back to the beach- so don't hate me- for twoish days in the South Carolina sun, where I have made a promise to myself that I will not be stressed about exams-which start next Thursday, or projects-which are due next Friday. Instead I am going to enjoy the fact that this past week was my last full week of college... and that my last day of classes is actually on Tuesday. And even though I just cannot believe it, I am going to celebrate it!


  1. Have a wonderful time Shannon. I can't believe that your semester is almost over and that you will be graduating. How exciting!!! I'm sure it is a bittersweet time for you. Stay safe! My daughters and I are heading to Atlanta for the weekend to hear Beth Moore and to see the Lady Diana exhibit. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. Lucky! Have fun and soak up some sun for me too! :)


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