Random Day, Random Post

If someone asked me which character from Friends I am most like- this weekend my answer would definitely be Monica. Thursday, while my boyfriend was busy studying I got into an absolute cleaning frenzy! Remember how I said my closet was in desperate need of attention? Well that's were I started and before I knew it I was actually on my hand and needs with a sponge cleaning the baseboards. Let me tell you, nothing felt better than getting into my bed (which had newly washed sheets, by the way) at the end of the day. It was like a purge!

Last night my sorority had an eighties themed function- 80's Prom to be specific. We have it every year and it is so much fun because we all get so into it! I got ready with my girlfriends and we all teased our hair, put on blue eye shadow and I wore this great gold sequin-y dress. At the function we picked prom queen and king too! I love fun themes!

Since I spent last night dancing the night away in hot pink heels that are much too high I was exhausted this morning. So today was a mellow day. I slept in and watched a few episodes of Lost. I know the premiere of season 6 was this past Tuesday but I didn't watch it (Gasp!) I had made the decision to re-watch all the previous seasons so that all the crazy details and connections and secrets would be really fresh in my mind- My goal is to be done in time for this week's episode. Thank you Hulu for making this possible. Yes I know, I'm crazy.

While watching Lost this afternoon I cut recipes and home decor inspiration from Southern Living and Pottery Barn catalogs. Does anyone else do this? I teat out pictures of rooms that I like and crafts and tips and keep them in a Home binder. This is so that one day when I have my dream house
on the battery in Charleston
or a rustic-chic cabin on a lake in the mountains
or you know, my castle in Scotland,

I can get started on decorating!
P.S. My daddy came to town today to get my sister a car and then the three of us had dinner together at a local Indian restaurant. The only really important thing missing from today was my mom!


  1. Send some pics from the weekend please : ) I definitely missed my curry and my girls!

  2. Awww... I know you missed your mom and she missed you right back!

    I love that you save decorating ideas. :-) Did your mama do that, too? I think it's great that you are thinking ahead, and boy would I love to see your finished space. It will be fabulous!

    Where are the pics from the 80's party? Put 'em up, girlfriend. Umm, were you even born in the 80's?

  3. Sounds like you had a fun weekend! :)


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