So Not Fair

Dear Winter Weather Front,

I am quite disappointed in your recent display of favoritism towards the North. I do not think it is fair of you to cover only the DC area in snow and to completely neglect the beautiful state of South Carolina-specifically the area around my school. We would definitely appreciate the snow more than those people in the North. All I am asking for is 2-3 inches-that's all it would take to freak people out down here. Just one day off from classes, please. Preferably a Monday or a Friday so that we can have a long weekend. If you could please speak with your supervisor about possibly relocating your focus a little further south I would be ever so grateful.


PS. This is a picture of my friends and I enjoying the snow a few years ago! Please make this happen again!


  1. I sure hope get some of that snow you're lookin' for. You know how little it snows in England, right? We got about a foot in early January and it was amazing! They hadn't seen anything like that in at least 30 years. My kids had a blast in it.

    I love that picture of you and your friends playing in the snow.

  2. Well they're calling for a foot or two here starting tonite and into tomorrow. You could always move back home : )

  3. I am happy to share my part of this snow with you. I'll work on getting some sent your way!


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