The Weather and My Relationship with My Closet

Yesterday it was 62 degrees, beautiful and sunny! Perfect for walking around downtown or around the lake. But here is the thing about South Carolina, you never know what the next day will hold for you as far as the weather is concerned! Here is our lovely weekend forecast:
Apparently on Saturday we are going to get some freaky icy trees?!

I love the surprise warm spring days in January, but you see this creates a few problems you may not be aware of:
a) It is quite difficult to get dressed in the mornings. I can leave my apartment in full coat, scarf, gloves and uggs but by the end of the day I will be stripped down to just a long sleeve shirt and reduced to stuffing my purse with said scarf and gloves, carrying my coat over my arm and sweating into my Uggs.

P.S. Is anyone else's closet the coldest place in your house? I have to keep my closet door closed at all times (see point (b) to understand why) so no heat gets in there and I am shivering while getting dressed and I ultimately dress warmer than necessary.

b) My closet is slowly becoming a disaster. When you are dealing with just one season of clothes it's easy to stay organized (and I love walking into my lovely-folded-everything hanging up nicely-closet). But when you have to break into the spring clothes bin a little early.... where do you put them? Do you keep them in the bin? On the floor? The answer is both in case you were wondering and here's why:

I am short/vertically challenged, so getting my clothes bin down from the top shelf of my closet is quite the ordeal. Because it would make too much sense for me to get a kitchen chair to stand on, I instead use my ballet "skills" to balance on my tippy-toes and slowly ease the bin off the shelf. It will inevitably fall (most likely on my head or my toes) and spill its contents about. It will then stay on the floor because getting it back onto the shelf is a whole 'nother issue.

My mom is reading this and probably rolling her eyes-but have no fear mom because it is officially reached the point of driving me crazy so I will be tackling the closet/jungle/war zone this weekend (if I can find time in between my pre-Lost finale-premiere-marathon recap!)


  1. Pretty sure I've seen your closet before so its not freaking me out too much today. You made a good point...sometimes I forget about how high the shelf is...a certain version of a certain Lynyrd Skynyrd song comes to mind : )

  2. Funny! I was thinking of your mom AND dad while reading this post. I know they both like things neat and tidy.

    Look at the bright side... your ballet skills and having lived in England are really coming in handy.

  3. Super cute blog! I live in NC and we have been snowed in all weekend. I am a teacher and they have already canceled school for tomorrow which is horrible since it takes away from our spring break.


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