Here Comes the Sun

Here comes the sun and I say, it's alright...
Yep. Thank you South Carolina. It has been beautiful for the past three days! Sunshine and low 60's. I literally almost wept when I stepped outside and it wasn't cold. Now I remember why I came to school here.
I'm going to get off my computer now and go for a walk! Hope everyone can find sunshine in their days too!


  1. It has been beautiful here in NC this weekend too. Such a breath of fresh air to be able to see the sun, be outside and not be so COLD. This cold/snowy weather was getting depressing and I'm not even a depressed type of person. I love being outside when the weather is nice. Hopefully spring is just around the corner. Adelaide is looking forward to spring break in 2 weeks. It can't come soon enough. Where she goes to school they have already had 70 inches of snow this winter. Have a wonderful week. Love & blessings from NC!


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