How The Bachelor Relates to Real Life

So I wrote a previous post about the Bachelor after the first episode and picked out a few girls who I liked. Silly silly me, I should have known to wait to pick my favorites until I'd gotten to see their true (crazy) colors.

Probably the thing I like least about the Bachelor is the drama between the girls. But I have been able to draw some serious parallels between this show and some things I've noticed in my own life recently. So here is what happened last night: There is a particular girl in the house that no one seems to like. Apparently she is really mean- but all I saw was every other girl in the house talk about her behind her back, make jokes at her expense, and talk about her badly to Jake. This seems caddy and basically just really mean- plus why would you want your time with Jake to spent talking negatively about other girls? Is that the side of yourself that you would want him to see? So the "girl everyone hates" got a one-on-one date and she got the rose at the end of it. She came back to the house (much to everyone's displeasure) and told the girls all about her adventure date with Jake. All the girls rolled their eyes and basically didn't get why she thought they'd want to hear about her date. Excuse me?! hmm... really? This strikes me as a little hypocritical. I'm pretty sure most every girl who has had single dates or even just special one on one time with jake has wanted to share (brag about) it as well. Some of the girls confronted her to explain nicely to her that everyone hates her. AND to top it off she tried to apologize to the girls for not always being respectful and most of them didn't even acknowledge it let alone forgive her. NOT NICE!

As I said in my previous post, I have spent the past term preparing with my sorority sisters for recruitment, which began this weekend. We ROCK at formal recruitment because of how much time we all commit to it during the fall. Now for some reason the other sororities have decided to gang up on us a little. I am so proud of my sorority because we take the criticism and ignore the lies and continue to have amazing rounds and get amazing new sisters. We try focus on the positive aspects of our sorority and not on the negative aspects of other sororities. I see all this attention from the other sororities and panhellenic as a compliment. It tells me that we are doing something that they are not- we stand out and freshmen girls see that. My advice is: other sororities should try to find something to make them stand out too rather than trying to stop us from shining. (we have gotten only positive feedback from freshmen plus we are having a TON of fun and that is all that matters).

Back to the Bachelor. Even though I don't really see the mean, fake side that the rest of the girls see I do think she is a little young for Jake. And since some/all of my previous picks have either been voted off or have been so gossipy and rude this week, I am going to pick a new favorite! Tenley! I always liked her from the beginning but she was really sweet this week and she's had a rough time with love. Go Tenley! It pays to be nice!

"May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing in Your sight, O Lord my Rock and my Redeemer.
-Psalm 19:14


  1. So true! And Tenley is my favorite... she is too cute!

  2. Oh the girls! On the other hand I am liking Jake much more than I did at first. He has some sense and some guts too...I still like Tenley but I like the mom Ella? too after last nights show.

  3. Hope you are enjoying recruitment- OH that drama! :) Rush weeks were some of my best memories of college! :) ENJOY!

  4. I think you and your sorority have great attitudes about taking constructive criticism and throwing the rest out. Good for you! The others need to learn from a great example.


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