It's That Time of Year Again

You might be wondering: What time is that, Shannon? Why, it's sorority recruitment time of course! DUH!
Only sorority women can truly understand and appreciate how much time and energy and heart and effort goes into preparing for rush! Let me just tell you- it's A LOT! My university does delayed rush which means the freshmen have all fall term to get settled into the swing of college. This gives the freshmen and the sorority women time to get to know one another a little better. I love this system because there is less pressure to commit to something your very first week of college. You get to see what each sorority is about and make your own friends. It also means that your friends are not going to be limited to just your sorority sisters (although those women will definitely become your closest friends).

I rushed as a sophomore (note to all future freshmen who want to rush- grades grades grades!!!) but it could not have worked out better (I still got to live on the sorority hall even though I wasn't in the sorority and it was the most fun thing ever!). I love my sorority and my sisters! They are my closest friends. They will be my bridesmaids. They know me. They keep me accountable. They make me laugh. They are there when I cry.

It's pretty exciting/nerve-wracking/emotionally draining/exhausting being on "the other side." The side where I am working to get some sweet awesome new girls in my sorority. Pretty much all my brain space right now is focusing on rush songs and dances and big smiles and high energy. It's hard to think of anything else right now.

Today was the "first round." This is where all the freshmen who signed up to rush formally meet all the campus sororities. The day started at 8am and I can say that I was physically done (mentally I can't shut it down) with sorority stuff by around 7pm!!! Y'all, that is a LOOOONNNNNG day of talking, talking talking, talking!

So "second round" is tomorrow! I'm going to call it a night so I can recharge my batteries- tomorrow starts later in the day so I can sleep in, which is heavenly! I'll leave you with a picture of my "family" and I on my bid day 2 years ago- in case you were wondering I am the short one!


  1. At least you got good genes in the 'talking' department : )

  2. Aww cute picture! That makes me miss college!

  3. Your mama is funny. I just read her comment.

    Hope you are having fun during rush and are getting some rest somewhere in there. :-)

  4. My closest college friend is a leader in a sorority, and I remember how crazy rush week (and the time leading up to it) was for her in the fall. Good luck surviving and adding new sisters! :)

  5. Oh, I LOVED recruitment. It was one of my favorite parts of being in a sorority :) Good luck! Also, I left you something on my blog :)

  6. We just ended our recruitment and as fun as it is I am SO happy to be done with it...good luck and I hope you get amazing girls!!


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