12 Months with Tommy

I know I did a birthday post but I still have to do a 12 month update as well! And while I'll probably just do one last 18 month update and then maybe yearly going forward, I'm so thankful I have these monthly updates for the whole first year of his life to look back on and see how much he's grown. They will also probably be quite useful when Tommy has a sibling one day and I need a reminder that it is totally normal to nurse every hour for an hour, and they eventually will learn to nap, and it's actually fine if they don't ever take a bottle.

Weight: 22.5lbs
Height: 30 in (I'm guessing...)
Diaper Size: 4
Clothing Size: 12 months and more and more 18months. He suddenly looks more like a toddler and less like a little baby so I am determined to keep dressing him in jon-jons, and shortalls, and bubbles for as long as I can. Although I will say it's pretty cute when both Tommy and daddy wear khaki shorts and matching t-shirts.  
Milestones: Tommy finally got his first tooth right after he turned 11 months!!  He has one adorable little chomper on the bottom and from the amount of gnawing on his fingers and a little more fussing than normal, I expect the second tooth is not too far behind.  He took his first wobbly unassisted steps the day before he turned one!!! He just had to get them in under the wire to make sure I knew what a big boy he's becoming. Since then he's started taking more and more adorable steps, arms in the air, proud smile on his face. He's also becoming a climber. We went to a park the other day and there was a smaller slide and he just climbed right on up the stairs to the top. It was such a surprise because our stairs at home are gated off.  He for sure knows his name and responds to it well and he seems to be understanding directions more and more. He "talks" loudly all day but no intentional words yet though he does makes sounds that mimic the way I say "Up down!" whenever I throw something in the air. Also, I swear he's trying to say Hunley. Which makes sense, since I yell Hunley's name all day long.
Eating: We made it to one year of breastfeeding!! That was my goal and I am so happy that breastfeeding was such an easy an enjoyable thing for the two of us to share. I have loved nursing and get sad when I think it could be ending soon. I went out of town for the very first time without Tommy a couple days after he turned one and I was so worried that it would be the end of our breastfeeding journey. I was so thankful that he easily took a sippy cup from my parents while I was away and then even happier when he easily snuggled back into our nursing routine the morning after I got home. We are going to be introducing cow's milk at some point but I am considering extending breastfeeding past one year. He is still benefiting from it nutritionally, immunologically and emotionally, and selfishly I love the stolen quiet moments with my busy boy who is literally never still except for when nursing. As far as solid foods go, he's a relatively adventurous eater, I just need to be more creative with meals for him as I often get lazy and just give him chicken and fruit (his absolute favorites).  He will let you know quite clearly when he is done, or doesn't want something. He also loves to drink from a straw and he's already a master of the sippy cup.
Sleeping: So thankful to have such a good little sleeper, both at night and for two solid naps a day.  One of my favorites moments each day is when I go to get him up in the morning or from a nap. He lifts his little sleepy bed-head and gives me a big smile and reaches up for me and I will never not melt into a big puddle on the floor.
Favorites: He likes to "throw" things and he has a pretty good arm. Of course he uses mostly an aggressive flinging motion so watch out. But he thinks it's really fun and he seems to sort of kind of understand the game of passing back and forth. I know his daddy is definitely looking forward to playing catch with him when he's bigger.  He loves going to the park and swing.  He loves playing outside in his plastic pool with our two little neighbor girls. He likes to feed the dog from the table, he also likes to pretend to give something to the dog and then quickly take it away and eat it himself (we've started putting Hunley outside during meal times...). He likes to hold the leash when we go on walks, he likes to stand in the bathtub, he likes to knock down any and all towers- no block tower shall stand in Tommy's house! He likes bubbles and books (we're sort of starting to want to sit and turn pages and not just eat them). He loves to laugh and smile and light up our world.

So excited for this next year with our funny, happy, wild little boy!


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