11 Months with Tommy

Weight: 22lbs (he's definitely trimmed up now that he's up and at 'em all day long)
Height: 30 inches? Maybe? I'm making an educated guess because he's impossible to measure. 

Clothing Size: My little guy is not so little and he's mostly in 12 month clothes and now some 18 month pants since his thighs and adorable dimpled baby bottom are his chunkiest assets. 
Diaper Size: Size 4. And is it too early to start potty training?? You would think since it's something we do six times a day he'd just lay there and take it but the second the dirty diaper comes off he flips and rolls and tries to speed crawl away forcing diaper changes to take three times as long and leaving me panting and sweating on the floor when it's done. It's not that he doesn't like diaper changes, he just really doesn't like being still. Ever. For even a moment. 
Milestones: He cruises around all the furniture and his balance is getting better every day. He has this little push walker thing that he "runs" after at full speed slamming into all our furniture. He's not officially walking on his own yet but will take some steps while holding mommy or daddy's hands. I honestly expect him to just stand up and walk with no warning any day now but we'll see. 
Eating: I am savoring our nursing sessions which are a lot shorter these days and I am dreading the end of breastfeeding. I will miss the weight of him tucked up in my arms and his little hand holding mine as we rock in the quiet of his nursery. I have a feeling we'll be weaning sooner than later. He's just so busy and now he's getting more and more of his nutrition from table foods. For having no teeth baby boy does alright with most foods. He loves his meat! Turkey, Chick-fil-A nuggets, whatever chicken I cooked for dinner, torn up into little pieces that his dimpled fists shove into his mouth. He loves fruit, blueberries, watermelon, strawberries. Black beans, frozen waffles, and yogurt are some other favorites. And we're still doing pureed pouches, and of course Puffs. So far he's a pretty adventurous eater - I hope it stays that way- and the only thing he's really not in to that surprised me is avocado. What baby doesn't like avocado?  
Sleeping: Part of me worries that because Tommy is such an amazing sleeper, any future babies are going to be horrible sleepers. He sleeps through the night and is still taking two naps a day, about 2 hours each, and let me tell you, both of us are wiped out come nap time. He plays hard, goes full speed ahead, and then sleeps like a log (usually with his legs tucked up under him and his booty in the air). I think I have completely forgotten how exhausting it was waking up three or four times a night, crying and wondering when I would ever get a full night's sleep. I actually miss those late night feeds so once in a blue moon I'll hear him stir in the middle of the night and will sneak in to his room to nurse and rock him. He doesn't need it, he can settle himself, it's for me now. 
Favorites: Sucking his thumb (melt my heart), crawling around in the grass, following me in to the bathroom, dumping cups of water out of the tub, loves the vacuum cleaner, hates the dustbuster, hearing Daddy on the speakerphone telling us he's coming home, banging on pots and pans, big spoons, tupperware, "helping" me load and unload the dishwasher, "helping" me load and unload the dryer (really he just likes to climb on the door of both appliances), rearranging all the dining chairs by using them as his personal walker, pulling books off shelves, trying to eat magazines, the remote control. And my personal favorite, giving open mouth slobbery wet "kisses."
He is pure joy! He is funny and loud and messy. All of a sudden he seems so much more like a little boy than a baby and I honest to goodness can't believe in one month he will be one year old. 


  1. Your boy is beyond adorable. The year has just flown by!! Shannon, he is so darn cute (you know this!), and that smile and those eyes are killers! Such a blessing!

  2. Aren't little boys wonderful? I had two daughters, but my daughter has a girl and then our wonderful boy. He is all the things you have said about Tommy. I wonder how I ever got along without a little boy in my life! Call me a very happy Oma!


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