9 Months With Tommy

How is it possible that nine months of pregnancy felt like the longest time ever, but nine months with Tommy in my arms has felt like the blink of an eye?! How is that even fair?
Weight: 2l lbs and growing!
Height: 28.5 nches

Clothing Size: We are gradually moving into 12 month clothes thought I am still stuffing him into some 9 month pieces because for some reason I had a lot of items that size.  Of course there is so much inconsistency in sizing and he's got a big ol' belly and chunky thighs so I actually just had to pick up some 12-18month size shorts for our upcoming vacation. He is growing out of clothes faster than he can wear them. I am very much looking forward to summer though when those big chunky thighs I mentioned can be out and on display because they are edible!

Diaper Size: Finished the last box of size 3 diapers today and cracked open a box of size 4.
Milestones: It seems like overnight he's gotten so much stronger. He has started climbing on everything and pulling up on me and T.J. and the couch and climbing under the coffee table. He is getting much more stable and can sort of, kind of, barely stand if he's got something or someone to hold on to. He is a speed crawler and it's hysterical to see him actually pick up the pace when he races towards something he's not supposed to have like the dog's toy or the dog's water bowl which we've only spilled 2 or 3 times. He chatters all day and makes all kinds of sounds, my personal favorite being "mmm ma ma ma ma." I know he's not exactly calling me "Mama" yet but it's progress!
Eating: Boy likes his food.  He is such a good little eater. I am still breastfeeding him throughout the day: first thing in the morning, after (and sometimes before) nap times, and then a longer nursing session before bed. Nursing is really the only time he is still and snuggly these days, though even while eating he grabs my face, snaps my bra straps, and pulls my hair. I am savoring every nursing session with my growing baby boy and sometimes on the now sadly rare occasion when he dozes off in my arms, instead of laying him down in his crib, I just keep on rocking.

He also gets three meals of solid food each day and 1-2 sippy cups of pumped milk during the day in between naps. We are doing a combination of purees (Happy Baby and Plum organic pouches are my favorites) and regular table foods. He eats most everything we try though he definitely prefers fruit to be mixed in with the veggies. He DID NOT like the pouch we tried with chicken in it, and who can blame him, but we've given him some actual lunch meat turkey ripped up into pieces and he loves that. He's also really likes waffles, avocado, Puffs (of course) and yogis.
Sleeping: Still sleeping through the night, though every now and then he'll wake up for a middle of the night quick nursing session, which I think might be due to teething (though I've basically said that every month since he was four months old and still no teeth).  He wakes up around 7 most days and then goes down for his first nap around 9 and sleeps for anywhere from an hour and half to 2 and half hours. He goes down for another nap in the afternoon about 3 hours after waking up. It's nice to have a semi-predictable schedule and to know we can get out and do things when he's awake and he wont be fussy. Really he's hardly ever fussy unless he's hungry, has pooped, or is ready for bed.
Favorites: Tommy LOVES his puppy brother, he loves his toys, his crate, his leash, his tongue. And Hunley... well... he's coming around. Tommy also likes his own toys, like his stacking cups (but not as much as Hunley's ball). He loves when daddy gets home from work, double fisting Puffs, pulling on those little springy door stops, kicking his legs and making loud banging sounds, pulling off his socks, trying to grab my cell phone, watching the Alexa light up and hearing her describe the weather, drinking sips of water from a straw or straight up grabbing my cup and slobbering all over it,  daddy's made up nonsense songs, the time he gets to spend rolling around naked before bath time, playing in our closet, oh and did I mention the Puffs?? Because he loves the Puffs.
Oh how I want to push the pause button so badly! This is such a fun age (she said every month...)! He is literally growing before my eyes. I swear he is a little bit bigger every time I get him up from a nap. He is simply the best baby, he is so happy and funny and full of energy. He makes the best scrunch faces, and serious faces, and wide open mouth excited faces. He is my little busy buddy but I grab him and squeeze the sugar out of him anytime he slows down.  Thanks for making me a mama nine months ago!!


  1. Shannon, this post is so beautiful! Your little man is adorable.

  2. He is the absolute best. Thank you for adding so much love and joy to my life xo

  3. He just gets cuter by the day! Can’t wait to watch him double fist some Puffs in the Palmetto State!! Thanks for making me a Nana...it’s the best!


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