These are the days.

Yesterday was one of those days, y'all. The good kind. It wasn't any sort of special day, we didn't do anything out of the ordinary but it was one of those days where everything just happened the way I saw it happen in my head, you know what I mean? Very rarely does a day unfold so smoothly, where nap time and play time and dinner time all line up perfectly.

The recipe for that sort of feel-good day was pretty simple: Tommy took a good nap, I had a good hair day, we left the house, I talked to other adults, there was sunshine.

Tommy got up like he normally does, happy and rosy cheeks, and we had our normal morning of playing on the floor with books and toys and trying to keep the dog from licking him in the face. And then he went down for a two and half hour nap. And while he was snoozing away I got to eat breakfast, shower and do my hair and make up, and put on real clothes, and I kept checking the monitor because he was still not awake.

Once he was finally up we stepped out into the sun and went about our afternoon. A quick stop in the PX then to a new playgroup for the first time where he hammed it up and was so curious about the other little babies and I got to chat with other mamas. And then we headed home and he took another nap and I got dinner going in the crock pot which always makes me feel like Wonder Woman. Then we all went for a family walk before dinner.  Walking in the sun with my little family I just stopped and thought to myself, "these are the days."

The days of waking up early to the sound of babbling coming over the monitor. Of quietly opening the nursery door and seeing his little head lift up, look around for me and then smile.

The days of savoring every wiggly, distracted nursing session because I know now that milestones happen suddenly and all too soon, and one day will be our last day.
The days where diaper changes are my cardio and he's more interested in eating the books than reading them. And he never stops moving and when all else fails pop him the stroller and go for a walk.

The days of rubbing his eyes and sucking his thumb when he starts to get sleepy and hurrying home so he doesn't fall asleep in the carseat.

The days of high chairs pulled up to the dining table and taking turns picking up the spoon he keeps flinging on the floor as he flashes us a squinty eyed, scrunchy nose, cheesy grin.

The days of anticipating nap time and bed time but then actually missing him when he's finally asleep, even though he's just down the hall, and so I watch him over the monitor and melt over his little curled up body in that adorable sleepsack.
Most days with a little little one look pretty much like the day before and the day before that. And they run together and form one big mental picture of this sweet fleeting season. And I know there are even sweeter seasons to come and I'll say this over and over again, but I know these are the days I'm going to miss.


  1. I loved this post, Shannon. Tommy is so adorable and he is looking like a little man now. Time does go too fast. Enjoy each day!!


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