Pregnancy Journal: Weeks 22-24

How Far Along: 25 weeks as of today but I'm only sharing about weeks 22-24 because I didn't have time to change the chalkboard or take a new bump pic yet.

Size of Baby: A head of cauliflower!

Gender: It's a Boy!

Weight Gain: 12 pounds

Symptoms: Um... bending over has officially become work. I have to take a wider stance and brace myself before going to pick something up off the floor. And by the time I get back up I'm out of breath. Still peeing all the time. Also rib soreness. Both of those symptoms I think I can attribute to baby running out of room. In general I also just feel more pregnant. You know what I mean? Like weighty and stretched, like I am really noticing the baby I'm carrying around and it's getting heavy. T.J. totally makes fun of how long it takes me to get out of his truck. I can only imagine how it will feel to be hauling around a 6 pound baby towards the end of the third trimester and I am in awe of how my body is going to continue to stretch and grow to make room.

Belly Button: What belly button? It's basically flattened and is preparing to become an outie any day now so that's cute.... My belly button gets a lot of extra love from my belly balm every evening because I feel like it's mad at me. No stretch marks at this point...and hopefully no stretch marks later pretty please.

Exercise: Did I mention the shortness of breath, and the having to pee all the time, and the cantaloupe I'm carrying around? I still walk the dog every day but, since my last pregnancy journal, I have not really done more than that like I intended to.

Cravings: I've been loving fruit, especially oranges, lately.

What I Miss: Nothing really except you know those commercials where they slowly pour Diet Coke over ice... yeah they make me tear up.

Maternity Clothes: I found maternity jeans that fit!! Petite pregnant woman go to H&M, they are on your side! I bought two pairs (these in the distressed mid denim blue, and these in the light denim blue) and they fit perfectly, like your normal pre-pregnancy jeans, through the leg/thigh/butt area but with no buttons, a stretchier waist, and that wonderful panel. Seriously every other store that I tried on maternity jeans at seemed to think that all pregnant women want or have a saggy butt (I'm looking at you Liz Lange for Target...) I am set for pants for now though I will probably need to find a pair of shorts eventually but that seems like wishful thinking considering the spring we're having.

I was super excited to find an old Loft gift card in my wallet from I don't know what birthday past and it had $40 left on it so I put it towards this cute top. I didn't even know Loft had maternity clothes. I definitely need more tops but I keep hoping the weather will warm up and then I can buy springtime/summer wear rather than more long sleeves and sweaters.

Best Moment this Month: All the baby kicks. It seriously is the best thing ever! I love to just stare at my stomach move. My mom and sister came to visit last week and got to feel him moving around and they came to my 24 week midwife appointment and got to hear his very strong and healthy heartbeat. The midwife said he was showing off. Having them here was great! We got the nursery furniture ordered and took care of some things around the house that I can't do in my current state but really we just had fun hanging out all together and picturing what it will look like the next time they visit when there will be a little baby boy joining us.

Looking Forward to Next Month: Next month I will be entering my third trimester!!! WHAT?!! At my appointment last week they had me fill our pre-admission paperwork (which is earlier than normal but Tricare) and I about fell off my chair. Already?? I can't believe I am nearing the end of this pregnancy and every day getting closer to meeting my son. I have a list a mile long that I keep adding things to do get done before his arrival. Guess it's about time to really step up my game. I'm especially excited for the nursery furniture we ordered to be delivered! I am having so much fun getting that sweet little room all set up. My glider arrived yesterday and it's perfect! I think I'm going to just sit in there for the next 3 and half months and talk to baby.


  1. Super glad I found your blog! I'm 16 weeks and feel like my belly button is doing the same thing. Eeek!
    You have the cutest little bump!

    Lisa @ Showered With Design

  2. I'm so glad your mom and sister got to spend the week with you! Y'all are such a special (beautiful) family! Thanks for the blogs and photos, and for allowing us to ride along on this miraculous journey with you!

  3. You look so great! I remember the hospital your being the time when everything hit me and it became so real. So much fun!! And such exciting times ahead!

  4. Aw your photos are adorable! Definitely makes me miss being pregnant (sort of, ha ha). I remember how much of a hassle it was to bend over or get up out of bed towards the end of my pregnancy.


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