weekend wanderings

On the weekends when T.J. doesn't have call (the rare, beautiful, golden weekends, when all is right in the world) we mostly veg out, catch up on sleep (him, not me, I get plenty of sleep during the week), and venture out once or twice for donuts or to walk the dog.  But occasionally we also try to go and do and explore our area.

This past weekend was one such weekend so we drove into the Snoqualmie Pass, parked at Ira Springs trailhead, and hiked up Bandera Mountain. Or more like, Hunley dragged us up the trail and I learned just how out of shape I am. Still it was worth it for the incredible, albeit smoky/hazy, expansive views.
I learned a lot on that hike. One, Washington is stunning (actually I already knew that but it was doubly confirmed). Two, walking the dog twice a day around our neighborhood does not a hiker make. And three, I cannot be trusted to load the protein bars and pizza combos in the backpack before we head out on the trail. Sorry hun! Since we were food-less we turned around a little bit before the summit. After making it back down to the car we decided to make a stop at the Snoqualmie Falls before heading home.
Washington is something else, y'all! And I love getting to adventure around this beautiful world with T.J. 


  1. Breathtakingly beautiful!! Thanks for sharing one of your adventures!

  2. <3 What a totally fun adventure!

  3. I've lived here for 15 years now and I love the beauty. Especially in the summer!

  4. Looks gorgeous! I did that hike when Andrew was interning out at Amazon. (And then this year we were watching Twin Peaks on Netflix, and I go "wait...isn't that Snoqualmie Falls?")


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