Monday, August 10, 2015

the fireplace

So it's another home decor post. Hope you don't mind, but I said I had this idea for our fireplace that I wanted to run by y'all.  You might have noticed in my last post the big corner fireplace in our living room. I don't love that it's in the corner, or that it's really quite deep, and the mantle runs right up to the window on the wall next to it. I have to make my peace with hanging curtains slightly over top of the mantle and in general it's just hard to style.

When I first saw pictures of our house on the online listing, before I even put a big toe inside the door, I declared boldly and ignorantly that I was going to paint all the trim and all the doors white. That included all the windows and the fireplace mantle and surround. I thought the plain wood trim made the house look more dated so I wanted it all white, right now please!

Well I've mostly let that go because that was ridiculous and not practical, and who has the time or the patience to do that? And one day I'll have my dream house with all the updated features and white trim that I want, but for now I see this is truly the most perfect and lovely home because it's ours. It will always be special because it's where we are started our married lives together. So the non-white trim suits me just fine.

Except... the fireplace. I still can't quite settle that issue and I still wonder if there is a way to have a more "my style" fireplace.
But.... can I have a white fireplace if all the rest of the trim in the entire house is not white? I'm leaning towards "screw it, I do what I want!" At the same time, I don't want to do something totally weird that will hurt us down the road when we sell.  I saw this blogger, with basically my exact same fireplace, painted her's white and I think it looks great! She still has wood trim everywhere else but just that one change makes the room look brighter and fresher.
I'd also really love to add white tongue and groove planks above the mantle like this bloggers' fireplace makeover. It will make the mantle a little less deep and I love the farmhouse feel and the interest it adds to that space. It would create a clean but rustic backdrop for whatever I decide to display up there.
So what do you think? Can I get away with this? Will it look weird or wonderful? Will future owners thank me or hate me for making this update?


  1. I think the fireplace stands alone and if you want to brighten it up with white paint, go for it. New owners can always change it some day if they don't love it like you will. I say go for it!!

    1. Yay! I was hoping for this response :)

  2. I love the white fireplace. How about painting an accent wall behind the fireplace?

  3. Love that white fireplace and think yours would look great like that too!

  4. Hi, Shannon, I'm an occasional reader here from your mom's blog. I like the white fireplace and the rustic addition. Certainly would give the height and updated look to the corner. My only question is how will it be secured/ attached ? Hers is flush with a straight wall, but yours would be in a corner, so can you miter the ends ?

  5. I think you could totally paint it all white. It'll go nicely with the tile surround and give the whole fireplace an updated look. Good luck!

  6. I totally think you should paint it if that's what you want! I'm sure it will look great!

  7. Jealous you have such a big place to decorate! I read your post yesterday and then saw this post that I thought could provide some ideas for you (colorful, patterned rug with neutral furniture and curtains):

  8. I wouldn't hesitate to paint it!

  9. Ellen says go for it, and I'm pretty sure she's your creative kindred spirit : )