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One of my favorite things to do when I go visit my parents is put an old vhs in and watch old home movies. My sister and I have our favorite tapes and favorite moments on each and we've watched them so many times that we can quote our little childhood selves. I love seeing my parents as newlyweds and first time parents. I love seeing my dad with a mustache and my mom with a ponytail and a stylish eighties sweatsuit. I love that you can't count the number of times my dad says "tell me you love me" or asks "what time is it?" to which we reply "love you daddy" and "football time in Tennessee" respectively.

I love that these moments are preserved on video. It's something I really treasure and wish I had more of. I want that for T.J. and I, for our future kids and grandkids to watch one day and laugh at our dated clothes and exclaim how young we look.  It's also why I blog. Oh how I wish I could read my mom's thoughts from when she was in college, and then a newlywed, and a new mom.

So along those lines...I've been bugging T.J. and saying we should get a GoPro to document all our new adventures. That guy, he loves me so!  The day before our trip to Oregon he came home from work and surprised me with an early birthday present!

I need to practice and figure out all the ins and outs of how to work it, so forgive me it's a little shaky, but I love watching it and reliving all our waterfall (and puppy) chasing fun. I hope this is just the start of our home movie collection.

*p.s. it's eight minutes long, so if you're not our immediate family, you're not obligated to watch the whole thing.


  1. Well, I DID watch it all and loved seeing it. What beautiful falls and hiking trails! Puppy was pooped! You two are so sweet together! Thanks for sharing your day with us!

    1. Thanks!! Oregon is stunning, we can't wait to go back and see more. And yes... the puppy definitely got his exercise this trip, and we got a work out carrying him hah.

  2. I'm immediate family and I watched the whole thing! Dad watched with me-we loved it! Such gorgeous scenery and I loved the music. Your videos are better than ours because a-you have music and b-no stylish? 80's sweatsuits : ) You two are adorable! And of course so is our boy Hunley. xo

  3. Wonderful to record those memories! I have watched my grandma's home movies (8mm) and it's so fun to see! My parents have movies of me learning to walk. We have lots of movies of our kids growing up as well.


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