birthday weekend and our wedding video

Yesterday I turned 27! More thoughts on that number in a later post....

It was a beautiful day in the PNW and T.J. and I had a low key Sunday afternoon together before he headed in to work for an overnight shift. He's working up in Seattle this month which means I don't get to see him during the week but I was glad he had the weekend off.

Friday evening on his way home from the city T.J. called and informed me that we were going to brunch Saturday morning and we needed to bring hash browns. Hah. Don't you just love those calls? Anywho, I might give him a hard time but I don't mind and it gave me a chance to make yummy hashbrown casserole, so much better than plain old hash browns, to share with all our friends unfamiliar with Cracker Barrel. (p.s. if you try this recipe, I don't use all the soup mixture because I don't like it to be too runny. I like a more solid spoonful and the frozen hash browns release water when they're cooking anyway) 

Saturday morning. hasbrown casserole in tow, we headed to the house of a fellow resident for brunch. I love that they often try to have breakfast together on the weekends. Sometimes it's at someone's house, other times they meet up a diner near the hospital. Even the guys on call that day try to sneak away to join up for a bite. Spouses and kids are included and it makes the weekend shifts not so bad. plus it's just fun to have fellowship time together with people in your same situation. 

I love these get-togethers and this one was especially fun because the new incoming interns and their families were invited.

After brunch we headed home to relax before we had to get ready for the graduation banquet that night. There aren't too many occasions to get dressed up for during year so I used this as an excuse to get a new dress and shoes. Plus it's my birthday.
The banquet was a fun night. Dinner and drinks and a celebration of the graduating class. It's crazy to think that T.J. is almost done with his first year of residency. We're no longer new at this thing, although I'v heard second year is a whole 'nother roller coaster. Listening to the stories of the departing residents and their families, and imagining what life will look like for us when we're in their position 4 years from now, is wild!

Sunday morning I woke up early to take the dog out per usual and then got back in bed to sleep in a little longer. When I woke up for good I found T.J. downstairs with a birthday card and my favorite donuts. We took Hunley for a good long walk and then settled in for a family nap since T.J. had to work overnight. T.J. had to head back to Seattle around 3 and then it was just me and Hunley again. It was definitely a more low key birthday than years past but I'm just glad I to spend time with my husband, that he was able to get off work for even just a short weekend at home. We have a lot more long work days, and overnight calls, and away rotations, and crazy hours in the years to come, so I don't want to take for granted any minute we get to have together.
I did get one more fun birthday treat in the form of my wedding video!! We have been waiting (not so) patiently to see the final product and finally getting it on my birthday was perfect timing. It was definitely worth the wait. I've probably watched it a dozen times already. I just love reliving that perfect day. 


  1. How absolutely wonderful to see all the photos and stories come together like this! Beautiful.

  2. Your wedding was so beautiful!

  3. I've followed your mum's blog for a couple of years and through her, your blog, following your journey - so from the UK I would like to say what a lovely video, many congratulations to you and TJ. You have a wonderful family, your mum and dad must be so very proud.

  4. P.S. Happy belated birthday.

  5. I've heard so much about your wedding and all the planning from your Mom's blog. What a beautiful wedding and great video! You can see the happiness and love all around.
    Happy Birthday :)

  6. Your wedding video was beautiful!

  7. Such a sweet video! Seeing your dad's face when he first saw you brought tears to my eyes! By the way...I've actually seen those dance moves of your dad's before! Good to see he still has it! ;)


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