Last times and goodbyes.

I have been so busy/emotional/sick/excited/tired/crazy these past couple of weeks so there has been no time to blog. Let's see... what have you missed??

Well for starters, I had my last pizza night with my roommates...during which I burned my hand, making it a little easier to let this tradition go... We also watched Walking Dead together for the last time, but they did promise to skype me in this Sunday to ease the transition.
I had my last 2 weeks of work during which I trained my replacement, took a sick day with my roommate, packed up all my heels that I kept under my desk, had a surprise going away party at the office, and went to happy hour with my co-workers. Of course I left everything till the last minute and I spent a big chunk of my last day arranging for temporary health insurance until I can get on T.J.'s plan, which was fun... but it distracted me from being too upset about saying goodbye. It's so weird not having to go in to the office everyday. I still catch myself looking at my phone to check work emails which I no longer receive. But I'm sure that will pass ;)

My last day of work also happened to be Halloween so we threw a party at our house. Since this was my last time hosting a party with these girls we went all out. Chili bar, "blood" splattered cookies, cobwebs and bats and candy, candy and more candy! Like all our late nights this one also somehow ended with us sitting on the floor singing along to show tunes and Disney songs. It's weird and wonderful and how every night should end.

I didn't get too long to recover from our big night as I had a billion more boxes to pack before the movers came. You  don't realize how much stuff you own until you have to box it all up. I managed to purge and give a lot of things away but still... I hope T.J.'s ready for me. My room looked like an episode of hoarders and was a total obstacle course/maze/fire hazard for a couple days. Fortunately my mom came back to help me get everything sorted out on Monday.  She also provided much needed emotional support during all the tearful goodbyes.

Aside from helping me pack she hand addressed ALLLLL the invitations. And then we stamped, stuffed, licked, sealed and mailed them out on Monday! It is such a weight off my shoulders (and my mom's) having this checked off the list.

I had my last night in my bedroom before the moving truck arrived bright and early Tuesday morning.  They made quick work of all my boxes and soon I was looking at an empty room. The movers pulled away and my one roommate came home from work for a long lunch break and my other roommate walked across the street from her house.  We needed to hang out just a little while longer, and put off the inevitable for a little while longer.
Then the car company came to load up my jeep and send it West with all my other belongings. I was a big ball of conflicted emotions. Desperate to hang on to these last moments of my familiar life and my people a little longer, but anxious, excited, and ready to get on the road and start my new adventure. 
I've been so settled there for the past almost four years it just really hasn't set in that I've finished that chapter of my life. I'm up at my parents now for a little while and it still sort of feels like I'm just up here for a break and that after the weekend is over I'll be heading back down to my house and those girls and my job and picking up the old routine. But that's not the case this time. We've made lots of promises and plans to always keep a visit on the calendar, it makes the time in between easier. I'm so looking forward to all being together again for OUR WEDDING! And then there's talk of them coming out to Washington in the Spring. It will be so fun to have friends out to my new home. And there will be new traditions and more weddings and hopefully one day baby showers and joint family vacations. But I hope we still do pizza nights, only next time with T.J. 


  1. So sad, but so exciting! I still miss the job I quit in July, but it's also great to see what new plans God has. :) That pizza looks amazing. We love making our own too. Hope the wedding plans are going well! It does feel great to get the invitations out. Safe travels!

  2. My heart is happy for you. So many wonderful changes and so many wonderful memories!

  3. Congrats and good luck on your big adventure....

  4. This as scary and sad as it seems it's probably really exciting! Change always brings something good :) How many days until the wedding day?

  5. Bittersweet for sure!

    I know your mom is loving having you there with her for a while.

    Great Halloween make-up!

  6. So glad for all the many wonderful people in your life xo


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