Five on Friday: Status Report

I've basically been on summer vacation these past two weeks at home with my parents. Who would have thought it be so easy to transition from going to work every day to not. Gotta say, I doubt it's going to be as easy going the other way.

But just because I'm not getting a paycheck doesn't mean I'm not doing work. In between lunch dates and shopping and mani pedis we've been busy checking things on the seemingly expanding wedding to-do list. So here's five things to keep you updated on where things stand just 50 days out from THE day. 
oneI've taken on wedding planning full time and I'm also in "wife101" with my mom as the teacher sharing recipes, words of wisdom and some tough love when I need it (I've needed it). Yesterday she walked me through homemade turkey stock and gravy and cornbread stuffing. We made a mini thanksgiving meal so I could practice before I head out to Washington to spend it with T.J. I'll probably still be calling mom with a bunch of questions when I attempt it solo in my new house (with my new roasting pan- thanks roomie) but I'm excited for our first thanksgiving together. 
two. The welcome bags for out of town guests are almost something I can check off the list and they have been so fun to put together. Thank you Amazon prime for making everyday feel like Christmas. Our guest room is filling up with boxes of treats and surprises that we'll be wrapping, personalizing, and hauling down to South Carolina. 

three. Speaking of personalizing, my favorite part of most weddings is all the little personal details. I love to see how couples make it not just a pretty event but something that is special to just the two of them. Now that all the big ticket items are booked and set, it's all about the little details over here and I'm having so much fun! But I seem to keep making more lists and adding on little projects. Let's see how much I can actually squeeze in to the remaining time. I can't wait to over-share after the wedding. 

four. Checking the mail everyday is the best thing ever. I love seeing those little sage green envelopes in the stack of much less important mail. Before we open the mailbox we all guess how many we're going to get that day. Then we try to guess just one person who will be in the pile. I've been wrong every day but it's so fun to check off names from our list. Picturing who all is going to be there on the day celebrating with us makes me even more ready for those 50 remaining days to fly by. 
five. I am flying down to South Carolina today to spend the week with my sister. We plan to have one big sleepover every night, get take out,  play with her puppy, and see Mockingjay when it comes out on Friday. Plus I get to go to her classroom and meet her kiddos and watch her do her teacher thing. Aside from all that fun sister stuff, while I'm down there I'm going to squeeze in as much wedding planning as I can. I have another shower tomorrow (yay) and I'm planning to do my menu tasting and my hair and makeup trial. Can't believe we are already at this point! 

It's getting so close y'all! 
Have a great weekend! 


  1. This is the fun part! And cake tasting - that's the best part! It'll be here before you know it!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the fun with us!!

  3. I'm sitting here smiling at all the fun you are having with this. And, I can hardly wait for the overload afterwards! Keep on enjoying, it's a once in a lifetime happening!


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