labor day comings and goings.

I drove a couple hours across Maryland and over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to spend the lovely long weekend with my parents and some family over on the Eastern Shore. We enjoyed sunshine-y days and a breeze off the water. Lots of sun and sunscreen. We celebrated my dad's birthday with cupcakes in one of his happy places, on a boat on the water.  We discussed possible father-daughter dance songs (still haven't nailed one down yet) and reminisced about our days and summers spent on our own boat, learning to ski, napping in the sun, anchored in a quite cove.

We had pretty much perfect weather, it actually felt like summer every day compared with the pretty mild temps we had the rest of the season.  And we only got rained on once.  A quick stormy summer shower, blew in and and out on Sunday night. It was one of those great big proper storms with sideways rain and spiderwebbing lightning in the sky.  And in it's wake we had clear blue skies and a sticky humid labor day. We enjoyed a few more hours in the sun by the marina pool and soaked in one of the last days of summer all together.
And now we have a short week and mine will be even shorter since I'm leaving work early on Thursday and taking off Friday.  This weekend I get stand up next to my roommate as she becomes a Mrs, actually I think we'll be sitting down since it's a Catholic mass, but either way I'm so excited. Lots to do before then though and I feel like I won't be able to sit still until I'm sitting in the church pew while they exchange vows. 


  1. It looks like you and your folks had a great weekend! Enjoy your short week and have fun at your roommate's wedding! I hope you will be able to share some photos with us!


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