While I was out...

Man has it been busy around these here parts. Of course you wouldn't know that since I failed to update my blog for the past two weeks, but I have a good reason and I'm gonna get caught up now. 

Two weekends ago we loaded up cars and headed to Atlantic city for my roommate's bachelorette weekend getaway. We stayed at Revel, which sadly announced it is closing, Saturday through Monday and had an absolute blast celebrating and loving on the bride to be. 

The sweet bride had been dealt a family tragedy the day before we were supposed to leave and we seriously contemplated calling the whole thing off. But sometimes the best medicine for a heavy heart is to be surrounded by all your best friends, laughing and playing, with sand in your toes and the ocean in front of you. The other bridesmaids and I hoped to make sure she knew how loved and special she is to all of us and that it's okay to look for light and laughter even during darker days. 

We had two fantastic rooms directly across the hall from one another on the 46th floor of this massive hotel. The views of the strip were fantastic and we all agreed it felt very posh. The bride to be came into town with her maid of honor later than the rest of us on Saturday night, so while we waited for her arrival the other bridesmaids and I explored the huge property, had dinner at the indoor taco truck, and checked out the casino. Then we all gathered in one room to welcome our favorite girl. 
I had decorated a welcome tote for each girl and my other roommate and I packed them with mason jar tumblers, milk duds (the bride's favorite candy), water bottles, and glow sticks. We stayed up snacking and chatting on the hotel beds late into the night. 
The next morning we chose to be economic and ate breakfast in our rooms. I'd brought a coffee cake and we also has bagels and bananas. Then we made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, packed coolers with water and beer and snacks, popped on the fun sunglasses that the bachelorette provided, and headed out for the day. 

Revel had two pools (one with its very own cover charge and dj) but we opted to "revel" in the glorious ocean. Seriously the beach is my happy place and luckily the weather was on our side and we enjoyed absolutely perfect beach-going weather. It wasn't too humid or hot to be laying out in the sun and the ocean was refreshingly cool and had perfect body surfing waves. What more can you ask for? 
I could have stayed on the beach until sunset but we had big plans for that night. We sneakily told the bride that we had dinner reservations for 7:30pm. While she was getting ready we set up a little shindig in the other hotel room.  She came across the hall expecting us to all head out to dinner and was instead greeted with champagne, pre-dinner apps, balloons and a few other treats. We popped a bachelorette sash around her shoulders, filled up her glass, and then showered her with lingerie, the lucky groom ;) 
We then headed out to take a big group picture in the lobby and then on to our actual dinner reservations at 8:30.  Dinner was at Mussel Bar, where more champagne, a sweet surprise from the bachelorette's soon to be sister in law who couldn't make it that weekend, was brought to the table, and we shared steaming pots of mussels, and sopped up the sauces with bread. 
After such a big yummy meal I could've used a nap but instead we headed back up to the rooms for cupcakes and a quick freshen up before plucking up the energy and braving the hotel club. We're not big night club girls. My roommates and I definitely tend to be homebodies and we spend most of our weekends curled up together around or dining table or on the couch. But since this was our one and only big night out we decided to embrace the jersey scene. We danced and did some excellent people watching and went home happy and exhausted many many hours past out usual bedtime.  

There's nothing better than following a late night out with a nap on the beach. So while some of the girls headed out early, we made sure to squeeze in as much time in the sand as possible before loading up the car and going home. 
Phew. One recap down. Bear with me. Now I just need to fill you in on the week of wedding planning that followed and a family retreat to the mountains. Stay tuned...


  1. Funny I just came back yesterday from the Borgota. I saw a lot of brides and bachelorette parties going on.

    1. Small world! Yes, we were definitely not the only bachelorette party there, it's too bad the town seems to be shutting down.

  2. The bride looks so pretty in pink. I'm glad she was able to get away and enjoy being spoiled.

  3. Lucky bride-to-be! You all showed her a great time, and the memories are priceless! What fun!

  4. Looks like a fun weekend! And i love your sun protection!

    1. oh yes! I am over getting a tan. it's just not worth the wrinkles ;) so I have embraced the big hats and the spf 50.


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