currently reading... Fall of Giants by Ken Follet. Another awesome read by Ken Follet. I love everything he writes. He just creates the most fantastic characters. This particular tome of his is set at the brink of World War I which I admit is something I don't know too much about (aside from what I learned from Downton Abbey or the History Channel's mini series). There is so much political drama, romantic scandals, and real life woven into the story.

currently craving... Iced Chai. I already had one this morning and I'd like another please. I think I'm the last person to discover that these are the best things. I've burnt out on Iced Skinny Vanilla Lattes, my usual go to, but  I've always been hesitant to try chai anything because I wasn't sure how to order it correctly. Hot or cold? Do I say I want an Iced Chai Tea Latte, just Chai Tea, Iced Chai? What's the right way to ask for this yummy drink? Don't worry, I figured it out, and now I'm going to have to find a way to make these at home or all money will go to Starbucks. Here are the links to couple homemade recipes I found. Anyone had any luck making this at home?

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currently listening to... Judah & the Lion- my new favorite folksy, banjo-y, christian band. A little Mumford, a little Nicklcreek, a little Needtobreathe. All good. Definitely check them out (you can download one of their songs for free on their site). My favorite song, it's hard to pick just one, is Love Your Love. So good, y'all!

currently dreaming about... Our wedding, otherwise known as the best day ever. But I've started having some weird wedding dreams where my dress is the wrong color, or I don't have time to do my hair because there are Walking Dead zombies outside and we have to hurry. Should I be worried?

currently planning...  In addition to the obvious, see above, I'm also working on some fun surprises for my roommate's bachelorette weekend this coming weekend. I am really excited for a girly getaway and I'm having fun getting together a few treats for the bride-to-be and co.

currently wearing... Not my wedding dress, but I wish I was! It's supposed to come into the store sometime at the end of this month, or the beginning of September, and I can't wait to put it on in my own size and twirl around in front of the mirror and basically never take it off.
(source - one of my all time favorite Friend's episodes that my roommate and I plan to recreate)

currently watching... Season 2 of House of Cards and Season 2 of Orange is the New Black. Basically Netflix is my favorite. Also... I may or may not have rewatched all 8 Harry Potter movies over the last two weekends. But who's really keeping track. (T.J. is... and he's only a little concerned that every time he calls and asks what I'm doing my answer is "watching Harry Potter.") But I saw this hilarious post on buzzfeed from this guy who is who is just now watching Harry Potter for the first time and live tweeting- it's hilarious and it totally put me in the mood.


  1. I haven't thought of Ken Follet in a long time. I've read a bunch of his books, but it has been a few years. Must go to Amazon now!! I enjoyed your post, and just get excited for you and the coming wedding, every time you post!!

  2. Love Judah and the Loin! My youngest is headed to college in a week and half and I know when she goes I will never hear about such bands and drop into the inevitable chronic un-coolness of middle age!

    1. haha! you'll have to ask her to send you mix cds to keep you in the loop... although i'm not sure even mix cds are even cool anymore. I still love them though.

  3. Starbucks sells chai latte concentrate that you mix with milk. I'm not sure it saves you much money - but its still cheaper than stopping by Starbucks every morning. Delicious!


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