I Found the Gown

I had made appointments at two different bridal salons, Love Couture Bridal  at 10am in Potomac,MD (not too far from my house), and Lovely Bride later in the afternoon in Georgetown. Going in to the first appointment I was honestly a little nervous about how I'm going to feel during the whole thing. I was worried that I would try on that first dress and feel overwhelmed, or that my emotions would bubble over and my indecisive side would win out. But looking at what I'd pinned (on my secret gown board) I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted: 

I knew that I did not want a mermaid or trumpet dress which I think would make me look shorter than I already am. And I also didn't want anything that would overwhelm my petite figure or make me look like a little girl playing dress up. 

So we headed to the first store. I filled out a form with some basic information about my wedding, our dress budget, and my style, and then we met our consultant. She was a dream. So kind, not at all pushy, and it just felt like she listened to what I wanted and made the whole appointment so calm and relaxed. She also helped my roommate find her dress which was a nice connection.

She took the three of us back to a dressing room to go over the process and to discuss what I had in mind. Then we walked around the store and I picked out a few dresses from several different sections. Sister and mom then took a seat and we went to put on the first dress to show them.  It was a beautiful gown but just a little too "glam" for my taste. I tried on two more dresses after that and liked both of them for different reasons but wasn't in love with either of them.

Then my consultant pulled a dress from the back because she thought it looked like me. I put it on and commented that the skirt felt like a ballet skirt which I just loved. It was soft and flowy,  a "good spinning dress" and comfortable, like something I could dance with T.J. in. The lace on the bodice was beautiful and the boning made my figure look darn good if I do say so myself ;) It also wasn't like a lot of the dresses I've seen at all the weddings I've been to lately. It checked every box on my list and then some. 

We went back into the dressing room because I still had another dress try on. I slipped it on and it just didn't compare so I didn't bother showing it to my mom and sister. I reviewed all the other dresses we'd already tried and was able to eliminate them all except that one. Back into it I went and this time she popped a veil on my head and I headed out to show it off one more time, to swish and spin around in the skirt, and to picture myself at the back of the church with my dad, and then walking down the aisle to T.J.

I hear it's a good sign when you don't want to take the dress off.

I jut felt like myself as I moved around the store. I felt happy. This was exactly what I wanted but I was still holding back because I just couldn't believe that I'd already found a gown after only an hour (not counting the hours spent on Pinterest, course). Plus we had that other appointment, was I really done looking? We decided to leave and go have lunch but I was pretty sure we'd be back and I told the consultant so. I just needed to catch my breath and collect my thoughts outside of the prettiest dress.

We didn't go far, just across the street, and over lunch we pulled up pictures of the dress on the designer's website and we looked at the pictures my sister had stealthily managed to take of me in the gown. And that was it. I called the salon and asked if I could come back and get measured. 30 minutes later I was walking out of the store for the second time, with a receipt in my hand a bounce in my step! If only I could start every morning in a wedding gown.... It was such a sweet, perfect shopping experience and I can't wait to wear my beautiful dress, The Dress, on the big day.


  1. That was easy! Hope when I go with my daughters one day its a breeze!

  2. Shannon, I've read your mom's blog for a few years now and found yours from there. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding to the love of your life. I had 3 sons so it's been a ton of fun following from the excited bride's perspective via your blog. Have tons of fun with all of your preparations! I can't wait to see everything. Blessings to you and TJ, Lori

  3. What a wonderful experience. I love that you knew it was your dress from the moment you put it on. I read your mom's post before yours, and hers gave me goosebumps. I'm so happy for you and now can hardly wait to see you in your beautiful gown. Speaking for myself (but probably for everyone) the anticipation is exciting and thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

  4. Can't wait to see you in it! I might look at the sneaky pictures every day (or hour) teehee.

  5. Oh, this brought back such wonderful memories of when our daughter got married and she and I went shopping for her dress. It was such a special and fun time! Now, if you can just set that date, you'll be ready. So happy for you!

  6. So happy you found your dress and had a great day with your mom and sister. So special! It reminded me of the day we found my daughter's wedding dress. We had gone shopping with her MOH once, but didn't find THE dress. We went to another shop, just the two of us, and selected several dresses to try. The first few were ok, and then she tried on THE dress and asked if she still had to try the others. I said yes, since we're here, but she quickly wanted to put THE dress back on. :) That's how you KNOW. Hope all the planning goes as smoothly as the dress shopping! (Praying for date-setting.) :)


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