Memorial Day Weekend Recap

I had such a great long holiday weekend but the day after is always a scramble so I'm late getting up my recap.

I took off work on Friday and headed down to Columbia, SC for a sorority sister's wedding/reunion with all my best friends from college. T.J. picked me up from the airport and we headed into Five Points for chicken salad sandwiches at the Gourmet Shop before we checked into our hotel, quickly donned bathing suits, and headed out to the pool.

We stayed there soaking in the Vitamin D until more friends started to arrive and it was time to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. My roommate and her boyfriend were also at this shindig. It was his first time really in the South and he was excited that dinner included a low country boil which we had previously tried to explain to him. We spent the rest of the rehearsal sipping cocktails and snapping a few too many group photos.
Saturday, T.J. had to leave to go to another wedding in Litchfield, so I headed out to brunch with the rest of the crew and then we spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool. Pretty much my ideal summery Saturday. And then before too long it was time to get ready for the wedding. Here's where I normally make a comment about how much more fun it is to get ready with a big group of your girlfriends, but since I say that every time I'll skip it today.

Impressively we all accidentally coordinated. Apparently, shades of blue are in this summer... The wedding was black tie so I of course had to find a new dress. I got it in the Top Shop section of Nordstrom and it was so fun!  Also, in the first picture we are not all praying, I'm not actually sure what we're doing. You'd think after a bajillion photos during our time as friends we'd be more on top of things.
T.J. made it back in time for the reception and in time to dance with me! We had such a fun time catching up with everyone but we only got one picture together. The sweet girl in the middle went to middle school and high school with T.J. and she is one of my sorority sisters. I just love our shared connections and that T.J. knows and is friends with my friends and I love that we were all in one place this weekend. Weddings are great like that. 
After we waved off the new Mr. and Mrs. we headed back to the hotel and crashed. The next morning included more goodbyes and then T.J. and I drove to Greenville. We had Henry's BBQ on the brain but first we made a quick stop at our hopeful reception venue for our hopeful wedding date. I wanted T.J. to see it in person because otherwise he wont see it until the wedding day. He probably didn't care all that much but I'm happy to report that he liked it so whenever we get married at least he'll know where to be. 

We then met up with my sister, my roommate, and their boyfriends for some yummy bbq and then later we all went to a Greenville Drive game.  I think baseball games are pretty much the most American thing you can do and should be a requirement for patriotic holidays.  
That evening T.J. agreed to popcorn for dinner and we went to see Godzilla. I had pretty low expectations and was pleasantly entertained. T.J. on the other hand, had see the trailer and thought it looked like the best movie ever so he was mildly disappointed.

We spent our last day in Greenville, walking around our old campus and people watching downtown before meeting up with friends for ice cream at Spill the Beans and a stroll through Falls Park. Saying goodbye at the airport will never get any easier I've decided. He's flying out to Tacoma today and boy do I wish I was right there with him. I'm glad we got to have an extra nice long weekend before this really long distance part begins.


  1. It is GREAT that you had such a nice long weekend, with shared friends and happy celebrations, before T.J. heads for the other side of the nation. I so enjoy your posts and great photos.

  2. What a fun weekend! My daughter just got engaged too - so your mom and I are "comparing notes" blogging and on FB. So, TJ went to a wedding in Litchfield? That is where I live! (the Litchfield area of Pawleys Island). Did he grow up here? My daughter, the one getting married, went to SC so you were in her ole college stomping grounds at Five Points! Small world.

    1. Hi Marla! Thanks for your comment- it is such a small world! TJ is actually from Greenville but the groom has a beach house there and they got married right by the ocean. It was my first time in Columbia (other than just passing through) and I really loved it- it's a really fun city, I bet it would be fun to go to college there!

  3. You packed a whole lot in one weekend (even though it was a long one!). Time will fly & it won't be too much longer until you're on that big bird with him! :)

    1. Hi Mary- I am counting on you being right. There is so much to plan and do (both for the wedding and my big relocation) in these next months and I bet I look back and wonder where all the time went.

  4. Fantastic photos, sounds like an amazing weekend


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