Just Say Yes

As my time in DC and on the East coast in general winds down (still don't have a date) I've adopted a totally freeing attitude towards how I'm spending my time.

I'm just saying "yes".
To all the things.

Fly to Greenville for a long weekend with my sister? Yes.
Beach trip with girlfriends? Yes
Another glass of wine? Yes
Mother's day with my mom? Yes
Try that restaurant we read about? Yes.
Come with me to get a manicure? Yes
Breaking Bad marathon and ice cream tonight? Yes and yes.

I won't be quick plane or train ride away from my family and my friends.
I will be an entire country apart.
Two different coasts.
Different time zones.
Different oceans.

I won't be working in this city. I won't be taking the metro anymore (thank you Lord). I won't be living with these girls who've become like second sisters. Now I have to live with a boy. (If you heard this line in Monica Geller's voice... we can be best friends).

When T.J. told me he was doing a rotation in Tacoma, Washington, when he told me it was the best program, and when he texted me pictures from Mt. Rainier and told me I would like it, I said yes.

Yes I can live there.
I can live anywhere, move anywhere in the world with you.
And, yes, I mean anywhere. To the moon and back.

He claims he maybe wouldn't have ranked Tacoma as his first choice if I hadn't been comfortable with it. But I was actually probably more excited than him. Honestly, I've been done with this city, kind of checked out, ever since I lost my heart to a boy who lives too far away. And then he was given a residency spot in the best place for him. So yes! Let's go!

But I not so naive to think that I'm going to just say peace out DC, that I wont miss my life and my friends and the familiar here. So I'm embracing it all. All the things I've put off doing and seeing. Pile it on please. I want to have lots of memories stored up from this time, however much is left.


  1. Harper's Ferry and the Catoctin Mountain Orchard are two of the places I miss most about the metro DC area. I loved spending a Saturday in those historic places (Camp David is at Catoctin). If you haven't been - go!!

    I love that you are saying yes!! Embrace life and all it offers to you and T.J.! It goes so fast!

    1. Those are both two places I've never been! Will definitely need to check them out before I leave. Thanks for the suggestions.

  2. You're going to love it out here- amazing views, and we have the coast AND the mountains all within a short drive! Hope the move goes smoothly!

  3. How about some time in Frederick before you peace out completely? YES!!!! Hope to see you soon! xoxoxoxo


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