Excuse the Mess

I have been meaning to do a home tour since I moved into my humble abode over three years ago. And now that I will be moving out (at some point) I want to have pictures documenting this most wonderful house for posterity. So come on in, x-cuse the clutter and enjoy the photo dump!
When you first walk in this is what greets you. Our engagement banner is still hanging and still making me smile. As are the yellow and white pom-poms from my roommates engagement party (last year) that you can see in the corners of the room.  
The roommates' bedrooms are upstairs, to the right is the living room, in front of you is the dining room, and the kitchen is through the far doorway. Right next to the entrance is a bookshelf where keys and mail pile up and where my red cowboy boots have sat for longer than my roommates would have liked. You take a step down into the living space and more shoes accumulate around this bench filled with blankets for snuggling on the couch. 
Right here on the couch is where we spend most of time hanging out, unwinding after work, eating ice cream and watching Netflix marathons. Our coffee table has piles of wedding magazines, and Southern Livings, nail polish and remote controls. 
Here's where I sit to write my blog posts and scour Pinterest. 
We really love having both a dining table and a kitchen table even though it's a little unnecessary in our small space. We love to have the music playing in the kitchen, and homemade guacamole with chips on the table. 
The kitchen itself is a little cluttered with three girls sharing limited cabinet space and one fridge but we make it work. In this picture you can see the crockpot out on the counter with my roommate's Chicken Tinga making the whole house smell delicious.
Our fridge is covered with fun pictures, save the dates and of course we have a Walking Dead calendar.
Off to the side of the dining room is a half bath and the stair case to the basement, aka where I live. When you head downstairs it drops about 10 degrees which is always a shock at first but I actually don't mind it too much because I hate to be overly hot when I sleep. At the bottom of the stairs is my teeny tiny bathroom and our laundry room (which is too insanely cluttered and kinda creepy to be included on my blog). 
You then walk down a narrow hallway, into which I have managed to squeeze a bookshelf, and step down into my bedroom. 
I have quite a bit of space down there and am able to fit my bed and a day bed, great for when people visit, and still have enough room to have dance parties or to do yoga if I so choose. 
Above my daybed is the huge world map I had framed (see the details on that project here). And across the room is my cluttered desk and all my guitar stuff. 
And that's it! I have made so many good memories here. I have had the most wonderful roommates who are really like sisters. I love living with them, sharing this space, doing life together. This house has blessed me so much more than I could ever say! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. We lived in a beautiful brick townhouse, in Alexandria, on Armistead Street. Our home had almost 3,000 square feet. Loved that house! They looked very similar to the outside of yours! The walk-out basement had a huge family room, a big laundry/storage room, a bedroom (son Jeff's) and a full bath. We called it his apartment, since we rarely went down there! I loved living in Alexandria!

  2. What a homey abode and I'm sure you will always hold dear the sweet memories of living here. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the tour so much.

  3. Nice place. I'm sure your next home will be even more special.

    1. Well... T.J. I have found a really great place. I can't wait to share more details on the new home soon.

  4. Your townhouse is really nice. I was surprised how big it is.

    1. Thanks Kimberly! We love our home and really lucked out. it's gonna be hard to leave it behind.


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