Oh how I love to dance.

In front of a mirror with the ballet bar in my hand, toes pointed, arms gently curved, a deep plié.

Glissade, jeté, pas de bourreé, assemblé.

 At weddings, spinning in the highest heels, only stopping for a sip of champagne or a slice of cake.

Around my bedroom with curlers in my hair, getting ready to go out with the girls.

In church, arms raised if the Spirit moves me.

Barefoot at a summer concert.

With my friends, jumping, throwing myself around the club room at Young Life camp.

Swaying and moving with a guitar in my hands.

Dancing in the kitchen, after a long day, ipod speakers, wearing yoga pants, an old t-shirt, socks on my feet.

Oh and did I mention I have the best dancing partner these days?


  1. Dancing can completely change your mood :) I've had dance parties with my kids since they were old enough to walk. Whenever they're in the middle of a bickering war, I'll crank up the music and the argument will be forgotten. Our favorite song these days is Happy by Pharrell Williams. Or as my 5 year old son calls it "The Gru Song". :)

    Kelbian @ www.diverse-pages.com visiting from A to Z

    1. Oh you are so right! And Happy is the perfect dance party song!

  2. I love watching others dance, but it is something I've never, ever been able to do. But while I may not be dancing on the outside, I am on the inside! :)

  3. I adore watching dance. Sadly I have absolutely no dancing skills :)

    Sarah Allen
    (From Sarah, With Joy)

  4. I love dancing and this is very true for me!
    @ A to Z challenge http://mypantherpride.edublogs.org/

  5. I love the Jane Austen quote. I'm glad you've got a good dance partner : ) I miss the ballet days.


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