I wanna be your Friday night

You'll never guess who I went to visit this weekend...TJ!
Okay, maybe that was obvious. I tend to write about him a lot on here.

I took off work on Friday and after an incident involving a rogue tarp and the right engine, quickly followed by the the smell of burning plastic, a new gate and a new plane I was on my way to Charleston. I only got in a couple hours late but I was definitely kicking myself for not flying out Thursday night (not sure what I was thinking when I booked this early morning flight?)

After getting settled back at his apartment we headed out for lunch at Butcher & Bee which I definitely recommend. Their menu changes daily and apparently they are the place to go for late night food since they're open till 3am. It felt practically tropical that afternoon and we dined outside much to the delight of my vitamin-d deprived self.
The excuse for this trip to Charleston (aside from just wanting to spend all my weekends with him) was to be TJ's date to a fun med-school function: a wine tasting at the aquarium (I can cross off #39 on my list). I broke out my new heels and dress and we both got a little fancy and enjoyed wandering around the aquarium after hours sipping wine, indulging in the biscuit bar, and of course admiring the fish. I also got to meet a ton of his med school friends and TJ maybe showed me off a bit and I maybe loved that. Sorry not sorry. 

We didn't stay out all that late because did I mention I was wearing new heels? Worth it though.
P.S. my dress and heels were both from ASOS.
The next day we slept in and watched a little football before heading over to the battery to meet an older couple that TJ has gotten to know while living in Charleston. TJ had told them a lot about me and they wanted to meet me while I was in town.

After a really pleasant visit we headed across the bridge to James Island to see Ender's Game. (Two movie tickets cost only $8.50 total! Yes it was a matinee, but still that's less than the cost of one ticket in D.C. I was in shock!) I'm going to get up on my soap box now. I've said it once and I'll saw it a thousand times more: seriously, please please please always read the book first. Ender's Game is such an amazing book, one of the best stories. And the movie comes no where close to doing it justice. I'm glad I saw it, and there were parts that were definitely entertaining, but as far as books-to-movies go it was poorly done. Really, they probably should have made it two movies honestly instead of trying to squeeze it all in to one. There was no time for character development and the story was not nearly as powerful or convincing because you just didn't have time to get to know or believe in the characters.  READ THE BOOK!!
Stepping down now.

After the movie, and after I ranted about it to TJ for the entire car ride, we stopped for dinner at the Fat Hen for some yummy low country food. This was our first dinner date out which is kind of funny to think about. Yes, we've had plenty of meals together but usually I've cooked or we've gotten carry out, or we've been with a group of people. This was the first classic dinner and a movie date night. We like to say that our first date was pizza and a bottle of wine enjoyed picnic style on the floor of his apartment. Which was pretty perfect in my book. Let's just say we definitely haven't done things in the expected way and I'm more than okay with that.
After dinner we watched more football on the couch (I'm becoming quite the football fan....sort of) and then picked up some ice cream during half time (I'm definitely a fan of that). We talked about our mutual distaste for distance and I began feeling the usual franticness that creeps in at the end of every good weekend.

We still had basically all of Sunday left together and Sunday morning we went for a really long hand-holding walk all through Charleston. We stopped for brunch at Leaf and got to sit outside again. The warm sun, the good food, and the best company did not make leaving that night any easier.  I'm ready for our time together to not involve him dropping me off at the airport. 


  1. So glad you seize the day! Can't wait to see that dress up close-so pretty!


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