Monday Musings

My first and forever roommate, Alana, came to town late last Thursday. She was interviewing for residency programs and had one up here in D.C.. On Friday I came home from work and it was so nice having a house full of friends. Both roommates were also home and there was wine and nail polish and curling irons and outfit switching. Getting ready to go out with friends is one of the funnest things ever- I say that every time it happens. All four of us headed out for dinner to Season's 52 and we had a blast catching up and being silly and requesting a song from the piano player. When we got home (after taking a bunch more pictures) we ended up watching Legally Blonde while waiting for TJ to show up...

Yep. That's right, TJ came up to see me this past weekend! I know, I know.  I just saw TJ the weekend before but neither of us were thrilled that our next visit wasn't planned until later in December. So Friday afternoon we were talking about our weekend plans and he didn't really have any so he hopped in the car and crashed our girl's weekend much to my delight!

Alana left around lunchtime the following day but not before we went on a walk all together. TJ and I then lazed around for a bit before we decided to head out to the National Zoo. I had never been before and it's free and not that far from my house. It's actually a really nice zoo and a great place to walk around. For such a gray cloudy day there was still quite a crowd, sadly no pandas were out.

After the zoo we stopped for a beer and to rest our feet before we met up with my roommates and their boyfriends for a triple date at Matchbox. The guys were content to watch football while we waited for a table and I was glad not to be the usual fifth wheel.
Sadly, my happy "all my best friends and my boyfriend is in town" daze faded all too quickly. TJ left early on Sunday morning and I consoled myself by baking pumpkin bread, then making homemade tortilla soup and piling it with cheese and sour cream, and watching Walking Dead. It's the little things, right? 


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