What I Read this Summer

Here is a recap of the books I read in June, July and August...

House at Tyneford - Natasha Solomons
This is a great read if you love Downton Abbey. It's set during World War II and focuses on a Jewish girl who flees Vienna and takes up a position as a maid in a English country home. I don't want to give anything away but there are some delicious upstairs downstairs relationships within the pages of this book.

Shadow Puppets- Orson Scott Card
I am basically addicted to this series and I just keep gobbling them up. Seriously- I can't recommend it enough- read Ender's Game and all the rest that follow.

World Without End- Ken Follet
This was a mountain of a book. It went up and down. The plot would thicken, the conflict would build, the antagonist would anger me, and finally the main characters would overcome the challenge before them. The end, I thought! Then I'd remember I had another 400 pages and a whole lot of drama for my poor characters to face. Ken Follet is not gentle with his protagonists. They just can not catch a break for 1000+ pages. I started reading it back in May, took June and July off to read some other things, and finally finished. I'm exhausted but it was worth it.

The Count of Monte Cristo- Alexander Dumas
I downloaded this on my Nook (classics are cheap or free, which I love) and debated for a while on what version to read. It's translated so I wanted to read the version closest to the original. I ended up getting the "Barnes & Noble Signature Edition" which I  believe is slightly abridged. This is one of TJ's favorite books and I love the movie version with Jim Caviezel but have never read the book (shame on me). TJ says there are a lot of differences and the movie is basically crap in comparison (aren't all movie versions?)  Back when this was first written authors were paid by the word. So it's wordy and I've barely scraped the surface but I love the adventure and romance and am excited to keep reading.

Don't you just love the way a good story can suck you in and hold you hostage?


  1. I have World Without End sitting on a shelf so will have to try to read it again. Also, I MUST read Ender's Game!

  2. Totally LOVE books that suck me in! I have House at Tyneford on my Kindle. (I think I got the recommendation from your mom.) I will read it next!


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