five on friday

It seems like summer is truly coming to a close as things have really picked up at work. And even though we had a couple hot days this week, it's dropped to the 70's today. This is all fine with me though because I just purchased this really wonderful sweater from Spool No.72 that I cannot wait to wear in the cooler temps.
The approaching fall is also good news for me and TJ. I get to go down to South Carolina at the end of October for another weekend at the lake and another Clemson Game. And come November he will be all done with his away rotations and will have a more flexible and free schedule. Which means... more time for him to visit me!

Since I wrote this post about wanting to save more money I have been really good. I have walked to work and packed my lunch almost everyday these past two weeks. I look at it as competition- it's me against my laziness and the prize is more more plane tickets and cozy sweaters.

Along those same lines, I made these yummy black bean burgers and they have gotten me through the week. I did the prep work on Sunday night and had one for dinner on Monday. The recipe makes 6 burgers so I shared with my roommate and have had the rest to pack in my lunch. A side of sweet potato fries makes this a really easy, delicious and healthy dinner.   (fyi. I skip the yogurt sauce suggested in the recipe- the burger has a lot of flavor already.)
5:30 cannot get here soon enough. My weekend includes laundry, House of Cards (on Netflix-so good), and a possible surprise appearance by TJ.  Happy Friday everyone! 


  1. Love House of Cards! I need to take some notes from you on being good about saving money :) Have a good weekend!

  2. Oh wow, black bean burgers?! YUM! Thanks for sharing.


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