I kept a secret! Sort of.

As a notoriously bad secret keeper, planning a surprise anything is a challenge for me. I just really have to avoid all people I'm trying to surprise in order to not spill the beans.

I like to think I'm getting better at this and I even managed to plan a surprise engagement party for my roommate. And last week I was able to keep a secret from my mom for almost 6 days! This is basically a world record for me considering I talk to her nearly everyday.

My mom's birthday was last Wednesday and I wanted to do something special for her.  She loves to make a big deal about everyone's birthday and her own is no exception. But a birthday in the middle of the work week is kinda lack luster, plus she had been feeling kind of under the weather. So I collaborated with my dad, booked myself some train tickets, and was quite pleased with my plans to take off work on Friday and have the entire weekend at home. Mom and I would get to have lunch together on a week day, probably do some shopping, and lots of gabbing. And it would all be a big surprise for her!

Throughout the week I dodged questions about my weekend plans and told her how sad I was that I couldn't celebrate with her in person. I felt very sneaky and very impressed with my secret keeping skills, which up until this point were basically non-existent. Growth.

Her actual birthday arrived and I ended up talking to her on the phone 3 times that day. Which was why I couldn't keep it in any longer. Oh well.. baby steps.  I spilled and I loved every minute of her shock and surprise.

On Thursday I brought my suitcase to work, I had submitted my time-off request on Monday, and nothing stood in the way of me and a long weekend at home with my family.

Except work... ugh.

Due to a lot of annoying unforeseen circumstances, I ended up having to change my train tickets and I didn't get to leave until Friday after lunch. Boo. I was livid and all worked up. I was mad that I had prematurely told my mom about my plans only to have to change them the very next day. But as my wise boyfriend told me (after listening to me rant and threaten to just take off work anyway) mamas are more understanding that managers.

Ain't that the truth! Of course he was right and in the end it all worked out.

I still got to have a wonderful 2 and half days with the parents. It involved Rita's Italian Ice (cotton candy flavored, my fave), a very New Jersey Oktoberfest, and lots of time around the fire pit. 
Just good quality time, being a kid in my parents home. And I never get enough of it and I never, ever take it for granted. 


  1. Loved having you home and Mom really had fun know you would be with her for her Birthday weekend. xoxox Dad

  2. A weekend at home with family is one of those little things that keep us going!

    P.S. I LOVE Ritas!


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