J is for Jet Lag

I was really struggling with what to write about for this letter. I haven't been to any place that starts with J (although Japan is on my list of places to visit, so maybe one day) and all I could come up with was "Jet Lag" and "Jet Setting." The two go hand in hand.

I wrote this other post not too long ago about how I was "homesick" for an adventure. The chance to jet off to somewhere I've never been, absorb as much as I can and be changed by the experience. Traveling, moving, going, it changes you- more than you can prepare for. More than you may even realize until long after. It opens you up to a whole new world and that place worms its way into your heart whether you're there for a day, a week or 6 years.

Jet lag is that period of time when you are physically home but your head is still off in some other time and place. You're a bit wobbly and disoriented. You're probably glad to be done with the hassle of airports for the time being but something still doesn't feel quite right. You're still adjusting back to normal.

They say it takes one full day for every hour of time difference to get back on track. But I'm not sure you ever fully recover. I've decided jet lag lasts long after your body adjusts to the new time zone, and long after people stop asking to see pictures or hear about your trip.

When people ask me where I'm from my answer usually starts with "well... I've moved a lot..." And then I proceed to run off the list of places I've lived and loved, starting with the most recent and working my way back. I just let them decide which of those places is the one that answers the "where are you from" questions best. Because I sure don't know.

The more you travel, the more you can feel at home anywhere. The idea of home becomes flexible and open to interpretation. With each place you take away memories, stories, lessons, photographs, and you leave behind a little bit of your heart. And while you're body may recover from the jet lag, while you may be physically at "home," your heart still hasn't caught up.

“Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.” -Pat Conroy


  1. Ugh jet lag. I'm not looking forward to it this summer when I fly to China. The total opposite time frame worries me.

  2. You are definitely the epitome of a jetsetter I think! However, I am sure you have your fair share of jet lag and will again once you make it to Japan. Happy J Day!

  3. I'm struggling with the letter J too, I'm a day behind. Love this...and so agree! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I agree with everything in this post.. and by the way, you're not the only one who's hungry for an adventure. I want to fly somewhere so badly. :)

    I was signing up for photography classes today and the instructor asked me where I'm from.... it took me five minutes to rattle off our long list. Haha.

  5. Hi Sweet girl. I am writing this comment while sitting in Narita Tokyo Japan airport. I definitely know about the jet lag. Great post. You would like Japan too. Miss you and see you soon. Dad


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