I is for It's a Small World

Today we're going to Disney...Disneyland Paris, that is!

At the very tail end of my summer vacation between Freshman and Sophomore years of college the parents loaded sister and I up in the car claiming we were headed to see Leeds Castle for my dad's birthday- we were less than thrilled. Then they pulled the greatest bait and switch ever. Disney movie music suddenly came out of the car speakers and we drove right passed the exit for Leeds Castle.... next stop Paris!
We traveled across on the Chunnel and before we knew it we were feeling that giddy anticipation that comes with any fun weekend, especially where Disney is involved.
Even with all the French touches it's still got that Disney magic. The magic that makes you feel like your a kid again and that made us feel like we were back in the good old US of A. And let me tell you... seeing Main Street U.S.A in Paris was a weird collision of our two worlds.
They have a lot of the classic rides, the tea cups, the haunted mansion, and It's a Small World obviouslyOf course the songs are all sung in French ("le monde est petit, apr├Ęs tout"), and the signs are in French, and there are a lot more people smoking and scowling than you might see in Florida or California. And my dad and I went up in a big hot air balloon and you could see the Eiffel tower way off in the distance.

But even in France, it's still Disney! The happiest place on Earth....
One day I'd love to surprise my kids with a trip to Disney.
Because no matter what age or what country, Disney is always a good idea!


  1. One thing we never did when in Paris....someday!

  2. When I read the title, I thought "finally a place I've been." Nope, just California and Florida. Paris sounds so much better :)

  3. I had no idea there was a Disneyland in Paris. Sure showed me!

  4. I took my kids to Disneyland Paris and they have now taken their kids as well. The magic that is Disney transcends all nationalities.

  5. Disney is always the best of ideas! Really beautiful pictures! I may never get to Disneyland Paris, but it's so nice to see it from another person's POV.


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