Post Game Post

Well... that half hour game delay kept me up later than I intended for a Sunday night but what a game! I know I said in my last post that I'm not a crazy Super Bowl fan but that was a fun show last night. 

Since I live in Maryland and I used to live in Raven's territory when I was in elementary/middle school our house decidedly cheered for the Ravens. We hosted a small party at our house and my roommate went crazy making tons of food: pulled pork, cheese straws shaped like field goals, pigs in a blanket.

We stuffed ourselves and pretended to be more into football than we usually are. We were completely grossed out by the godaddy commercial, and we may have (read: definitely) teared up during the Budweiser Clydesdale commercial. But mostly we were seriously entertained by the running twitter commentary....

 And thank goodness for twitter during that weird power outage. Otherwise we would have been stuck listening to the CBS commentators come up with filler: "the lights are slowly coming back on..." 
Beyonce may have been my favorite part of the game. She killed it, sang all my favorite songs and I loved the Destiny's Child reunion! I wish I was as fierce as her. And man, that woman has some crazy strong thighs. I could have done with a little more Beyonce and a little less football after that show. 

I'm glad it wasn't a blow-out game. I always feel bad for the other team when that happens. The last quarter of the game was intense and definitely made it more exciting when the Ravens won. Who else wants to make a confetti snow angel?? And what they do with all the left-over 49ers confetti??


  1. Twitter definitely made it more fun! And of course the Ravens winning. If the 49er's had won it wouldn't have been fun at all : )


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