Shallow End

Yesterday's post was a little new for me. I like to think that I'm pretty open and honest about my heart on here. But yesterday I felt particularly vulnerable and exposed. It's a good thing. It's good to share the deep things in your head and wrapped around your heart and I loved the comments that said, "hey, me too." As my mom said in her sweet encouraging comment on yesterday's post, I "went swimming in the deep end."

Today's post is not like that.

I got a new purse! (and checked off #89 on my list)
The Brompton Mini-Hobo from J.Crew

I wouldn't really call it "mini", it's plenty big for me, but it was definitely smaller than it's larger cousin which looked like a weekend bag. Anyway.. it's got tons of room and pockets and I love that I can carry it a bunch of different ways.

And there are no gum wrappers or pen marks or lip gloss stains...

I've been pretty much using and abusing the same tan bag for quite a few years now.  It starting to fray and my back up one didn't fit everything that I have to carry around. Not that you ever need an excuse to get a new cute purse!

On another note... who watched the Bachelor last night? I flipped back and forth between that and the BCS Championship game (SEC! SEC! SEC!) because sometimes that show is better in small doses. There was a little too much drinking going on, and it seemed to be acknowledged more than past seasons, but I still think there are some cute girls and Sean was my favorite from Emily's season, so I hope (stupidly, will I ever learn) that it works out for him.

If you want to take your Bachelor viewing experience to the next level there is a fun bracket to fill out for each episode here. So far my favorites are AshLee, Katie and Tierra. In the words of Chris... this will be the most dramatic season yet!

UPDATE: Tierra sucks and I'm embarrassed that I picked her as an early favorite. Don't shame me.


  1. Must steal! My birthday is next month and I have been wanting a new purse. THAT is exactly what I've been trying to explain to my mom.

    1. Yay! It would make a great birthday present!

  2. Glad to see you back in the shallow end for a moment!


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