My Monday

I was so good this morning. I got up the first time my alarm went off. I had time to wash blow-dry and style my hair, and enjoy a cup of tea. It was quiet and slow, I took my time. I packed up a little bag with a Tupperware of the cookies I'd made over the weekend, plus a yogurt and a couple clementines to take to work.

The metro parking lot was surprisingly empty and I pulled right in to a close spot (this should have been the first warning). I swiped my metro card and as soon as I'm through the gate I see it.  The signs, the hoards of people waiting for the metro....

Single-tracking/ track work. It ruins commuters' mornings.

Annoyed that I didn't know about this until after I was through the turnstile, I proceed to wait, for 40 minutes for a train and send hostile tweets to Metro. Then with the help of a stranger I finally shoved myself onto the first crowded train that I could. Of course only then did I realize I left the cookies and my breakfast in the car.

Another 40 minutes later (spent practically sitting in a strangers lap with my face smushed into someone else's backpack) I arrived at my stop and hoofed it to the office. Sometimes the metro makes me just want to give up and call in sick. And even though I have the same mess to look forward to on the commute home, I will not let this delay dampen the rest of my day..

Instead I will leave you with a picture of my yummy cookies that I left sitting in the front seat of my car. (Hopefully they survive.)

I want to make these to take home at Thanksgiving so I decided to try out the recipe this weekend to see how they turn out.  To make these pretties I combined two Pinterest recipes: these Spiced Linzer Cookies, and this Pumpkin Pie Filling. It was a little time consuming since the dough has to refrigerate for at least two hours and the filling takes an hour to bake and then has to cool for another two hours. Plus those tiny cut-outs are finicky. So I made the dough on Friday and whipped everything else up yesterday.

All the effort was worth it though because they seriously taste like a bite of pumpkin pie! The perfect treat to gift or enjoy yourself this holiday!

P.S. I got the adorable linzer cookie cutters from Amazon, here.


  1. Awww, that stinks. I'm sure the cookies will be it hot there today? Hope the rest of the day brightened up!

  2. Sorry you left all the yummy things in your car! Have a wonderful Monday!

  3. They look yummy! I'm sorry about the metro : ( My hubby takes the train in to DC every day.he is very thankful he doesn't have to do the metro as well.


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