Monday Monday

I just cannot believe it is October. I kinda let September get away from me and I wasted many days moping around inside in front of the tv doing nothing that important, unless you count catching up on the past season of Grey's Anatomy, which is partly to blame for the infrequent blogging.

But I happen to love the month of October, it's one of my favorites if not the favorite. So now that I'm all caught up on Grey's, and there are beautiful golden days ahead that I want to remember, I am returning from my unofficial blogging hiatus.  I don't have a real plan or anything particular that I want to write about but I just know I want to write.

I could write about work I suppose.  I have some fun events planned for this week like an Associate Stress Buster Carnival and a harvest-themed happy hour that requires me to lug 3 hay bales to the office for decorations.  (Don't worry, they're not needed until Wednesday so I only have to wrestle with one each morning on the metro.)

Life is... kinda complicated right now and God thinks my plans are pretty funny so I'm just trying to let go and see where He takes me and enjoy this weird phase of life.

So happy Monday! Thanks for bearing with me.


  1. His plans will be better and I can't wait to see where they take you either xo

  2. Really enjoyed the weekend with you. Hope it provided something you needed :-) We all love having you here. Talk to you soon.


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