New Boots and Young Life

I can finally cross off # 41 on my list- buy the perfect pair of boots. I have talked about  buying boots every fall since I started this blog (2010,  2011). I've pinned boots on wish lists and every time I've decided against them or I tried them on at the store and they didn't fit my chicken legs.  But, on Friday, these beautiful boots, FRYE Jenna Inside Zip (color: Smoke), were delivered to my house! I might have to wear them every day this week...
This was a lazy weekend for me. On Saturday I cleaned my room and organized my closet. It was finally time to put away the sun dresses and shorts and break out the jeans and sweaters. Fortunately it's not quite sweater weather yet and it's wonderful being able to turn off all the AC and just have the windows open!

Sunday was a Young Life day. We had campaigners (bible study) in the afternoon then a leadership meeting in the evening. I am so excited for this year to get started! We have our first club tonight and I am pumped to meet new kids and really just go all in- football games, coffee dates, winter weekend camp, crazy clubs!  Nothing brings me more joy than Young Life.  I am just so excited to see hearts changed and the community changed because of what Jesus is doing through our silly little club. Hopefully it wont stay little for long!

I was a kinda nervous yesterday because I hadn't given much thought to the club songs . But I've decided to play two new songs tonight and I am feeling pretty good now that Payphone (Maroon5) and We Are Never Getting Back Together (T-Swift) are now permanently stuck in my head. 


  1. So cute! Can't wait to see them on you in person : )

  2. You better be careful if you wear those boots to my house...they might be missing when it's time for you to go home!

  3. I have been coveting Fyre boots for years! I'm so glad to know you love them! A good push for me! :)


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