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I had such a fun weekend- if only it had been longer! Hope you don't mind me posting about my weekend on Tuesday. Monday's are the worst, especially after a way fun weekend, so I just couldn't get caught up!

One of my closest friends, SG, came up to D.C. spontaneously for her birthday and a hectic work schedule would not get out of my way and let me spend the amount of time with her that I wanted to. I have not seen her in a year! She arrived Thursday evening and I met her, my roommate and 2 other college friends at Uncle Julio's for margarita's and too much chips and salsa. After dinner we headed back to my house for cake and quality catch-up time.

Friday I headed "out of town" to a wedding (what else is new). I use quotation marks because it was only about 30 minutes away but a hotel was still required so that's out of town to me. Mom, dad and sister all came to town and I was so excited for another (too quick) weekend with them!

I've known the pretty bride since the second grade and was thrilled to be able to celebrate her day. She was floating on air- can you blame her?
This weekend was such a throwback to my childhood days. Filled with reunions of friends from elementary and middle school. Friends I played make believe with and drew on the sidewalks with chalk and choreographed dances to Spice Girls songs (I still know all the moves we made up to "Stop"). We begged and bribed and said anything to have sleepovers and more time to play. It's so crazy that now we're all reunited at someone's wedding!
Sunday after dropping sister off at the airport and saying goodbye to parents (seems like I'm always doing that) I headed back to my house (took a nap) and later headed out to my roommate's parent's house for dinner. Our friend SG was still in town for one more night and I'm glad I got to visit with her some more and of course we stayed up way too late chatting. I can't wait to see her again in a few more weeks at yet another wedding!


  1. It went toooo fast!! Can't wait for KC in a few weeks though!

  2. Don't the best weekends always go by the fastest??

  3. Uncle Julios is my favorite...I worked there for years, and I cannot get enough of the food! And LOVE your look for the wedding!!


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