5 Food Trucks- Part 1

#63 on my list of 101 in 1001 is: Try 5 D.C food trucks. So far I've been to 2.

I was at my job for a full year before I was brave enough to try any of the food trucks in the square by my office. I didn't want to look like a total rookie who had no idea what to order or which trucks only took cash or which trucks could be skipped. But I sucked it up (what a big chicken I must be to be nervous of ordering food) and and headed to my first truck.

1. Big Cheese: (takes both cash and cards)
Fortunately my first go at the food trucks did not scare me off! This is a gourmet grilled cheese truck! I tried the Mt. Fuji (and may have gotten it the next day as well...) It has brie, fuji apples and honey on multi-grain bread. It's melty and sweet and absolutely delicious! Like the sandwich form of one of my favorite treats- baked brie en croute.

2. The Fojol Brothers:
(cash only)
It's definitely one of the kookiest trucks in D.C.

They have 3 trucks with 3 different menus:
Merlindia (indian cuisine- green menu on left), Benethiopia (ethiopian cuisine), Volathai (thai cuisine). I stopped at the Merlinidia truck because the words "Butter Chicken" jumped off the menu. This was a favorite dish of my sister's at our local Indian restaurant in England. I did the "Pick 2" menu option and got butter chicken and lentils. It came with rice and yummy chutney on top. They also lay out blankets on the grass near the truck for anyone to use while enjoying their lunch.

2 down 3 more trucks to go before I can cross this one off my list! And I don't think that is going to be a problem.


  1. I'd like to try some of these when I come down next time : )

  2. Yumm...I have never tried any of the DC food trucks, but that Big Cheese one looks awesome!

  3. You are so adventurous....I've never lived in a city with food trucks...our little village has a corner with a hot dog cart that weirdly enough has a line up at lunch time!

  4. one of my collegegirl's best friends is currently in New York, and her bucket list involves food trucks also...she's been having a blast recently since she's doing an internship there. Hope you get all of the ones covered so you can choose your favorite. Butter chicken sounds wonderfully good ;)

  5. I wish we had food trucks. They are all the rage at the moment!


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