This past weekend I was in town but not at home. I ended up staying the entire weekend at a friend's house in the city celebrating a visiting-out-of-town friend's birthday. The weekend included a house warming party, brunch followed by naps and movies on the couch, an 80's cover band concert and more brunch.

I just love brunch, it might be my favorite meal of the day. I ate so well this weekend. If you're in D.C and looking for some yummy places to try here's what I enjoyed:

Ulah Bistro for dinner Thursday night
Busboys and Poets for brunch Saturday morning
Tonic for brunch Sunday morning

More on the 80's cover band now.

They're called The Legwarmers and they were amazingly fun! We got dressed up in bright neons, side pony tails, gold lamé shorts and fanny packs. We agreed that the 80's was probably rolling over in it's grave at the poor imitation of it's style but since I was barely born in the 80's I don't have any true fashion pieces to do it justice. There were plenty of people in crazy mullet wigs sporting Guitar Hero guitars and cut off jean vests and lots of legwarmers of course.
They played awesome songs, I knew almost every single one and had so much fun dancing like a fool to Your Love/Sweet Child of Mine/ Africa/ Hit Me With Your Best Shot/Shook Me All Night Long/ Total Eclipse of the Heart/Summer of '69/Footloose/ We're Not Gonna Take It.

Sadly the girl in the neon tutu had to return to South Carolina yesterday and I had to return to my house and return to work today :(

In other news, I'm bringing back the fanny pack. It can hold so many things and is basically the same as a cross body bag except it goes around your waste.


  1. Except remember if you're in England not to call it a fanny pack : ) You look cuter in the clothes than I remember looking in the 80's.

  2. Oh how we mock the 80's lol :) I was born in '84 so i don't really remember much, just the big hair and patches on jean jackets.

  3. Oh man we LOVE the Legwarmers! I've probably seen them 12 times, but not in like 4 years! I've got to go to another show :)


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