Quick Update

I decided to unplug this week and not bring my laptop on this trip. So now I'm writing this from my cellphone. But I wanted to show off a couple pictures.

Because I did it!
I cut off 12 inches of hair! (10 to give away and at least 2 in the styling process). Go big or go home! I decided not to be vain about my hair because Anna didn't get to be vain about her hair and the children who will receive a wig don't either.

I've posted a before and after. It feels so different and I feel so much lighter. A huge change that I was happy to make!


  1. Love the new do!!!! It looks fabulous! And how sweet of you to donate your locks!!! That is a priceless gift!!! xoxo!

  2. Oh my gosh, it's darling! So grown up too. :)

    Have a great week unplugging with the fam!

  3. You look gorgeous! Wow, good for you, for giving away the 10 inches. My girls have both done this. :)

  4. Though I am a bit late in commenting, I looooove the new do!!! It is so flattering! You look beautiful, Shannon!! :-)


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